Lowe's Home Improvementbosch ascenta dw lemon

De Mar 14, 2016 Honolulu, HI

We ordered this dishwasher from Lowes (first mistake) in late May 2015. It was finally installed in late July. By August there was a drainage issue and odor problems. In late August a repair person fixed the drainage pipes. Still had drainage & odor issues. In September the pump broke. In October, part came & was replaced by another repair person. Within a week-in November- the machine would not work-it gave an Error message and would not function. In December another repair person came. He said the machine needed a new mother board and some other part but might work till parts came. It didn't. Error message and non functioning dishwasher again. In January 2016 parts came for the repair scheduled for March 4. We were notified by Lowe's in early February that Bosch had classified machine as a lemon and were going to exchange it. It is now mid March. NO replacement dishwasher. We’ve had a run around from at least 5 different Lowe's "managers' and "assistant managers" who now want to take out the nonfunctioning dishwasher while they attempt to deal with Bosch for replacement ..which means if their history is any indication-a hole in my kitchen for another year-if I’m lucky! What a nightmare. I wish I had never left Sears, never left Whirlpool products and wished I had functioning dishwasher! I would not recommend this dishwasher or going through Lowe's. PS We did buy the extended warranty...

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