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We purchased a Ragdoll male kitten in November from Loveragdolls. He is beautiful & we love him to death but our complaint is about their responses or lack of & breach of contract.
We had to have him neutered within 30 days or be charged breeding fee by Loveragdolls, which we did. Loveragdolls also promised to provide us with his official paperwork to prove he is a thoroughbred ragdoll. THIS HAS NEVER ARRIVED nor have Loveragdolls replied to several emails.
We definitely would not buy from Loveragdolls ever again nor recommend Loveragdolls. We paid almost $1000.00 for this cat including flight to Loveragdolls yet they cannot be bothered to send us his paperwork. We had to email & call several times to Loveragdolls to confirm his flight.
Loveragdolls buy kittens from breeders all across the country & are in it for the money, DO NOT BUY FROM LOVERAGDOLLS.

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