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Ja Saint Joseph, MO Review updated:

On Sunday 9/25/2011 at 1pm my husband and child bought our food and when I called them to find out how much it was and if they were on the way back home they told me the total and it was wrong. We ordered (3) family packs that were $10.00 a piece but the cost was $42.79 so I called them and told them there was an error and that my husband was on his way back, the manager Haley said that the error was caused by a new girl working the register. Approximately 45 minutes later my husband walked back out to the car after they finally got the receipt *corrected* to our waiting food and drove home, where they reached our house with now soggy luke warm food and upon inspection of receipt I found that it was still in error. We had as I said ordered (3) family packs but were charged for extra orders of corn and coleslaw which we did not order. When I called to complain I talked to the manager Haley who said that we received the extra corn and coleslaw so the charges on the ticket should stand, and I said, "no, I did not order extra corn and coleslaw and it is not right because of your error that I pay for food that was not ordered, we ordered (3) family packs which come with eight pieces of fish, hushpuppies and one side a piece, just because you put in extra food in our sack does not mean we pay for your error and that I wanted it corrected." She refused. The manager Haley told me that she would do no such thing and that I should call back tomorrow, and I said, no I wanted this corrected today as my family is on a budget and this was a special treat for us but I could not afford to pay extra due to incompetence. She got mad and said that she would do nothing and that she was calling her boss, I asked for the district managers and corporates phone number she said that a district manager or corporate office does not exist and refused to give it to me. I was stunned that the error was completely on their part and LJS MANAGER simply refused to give me my money back when they make an error. I thought it best that I let her talk to her boss and told her that I would call back in a half an hour where I expected to be righted for her error. The manager Haley said that her boss would not give us a refund but would only give us ONE family pack as compensation, I said no this was not good enough and I wanted a full refund as the food was now bacteria ridden trying to right their error which has taken over two hours to correct and I would not feed it to my family and an eleven year old and she said that it was my fault then and refused to give me money back. I told her I would bring all the food back (because she said we probably ate it already, basically calling me a liar when I had said that I would not feed the food to my family) and I wanted a refund, she said she would have her boss call me so I gave her my phone number and I received no call back as of yet. So I paid $34.60 to be treated with poor service, bad attitude and disdain because LJS employee and manager.

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  • Pe
      Sep 25, 2011

    Good grief NOTHING!!! Grief is NEVER good and get a little empathy petrafide!

    There most definitely is a corporate office in your area. I hope you contact them. Please let us know if that attitude you encountered tricked down the ladder from the top!!!
    Long John Silvers Corporate Office | Headquarters
    1441 Gardiner Lane Louisville, KY 40213

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  • Ja
      Sep 26, 2011

    I sent an email that I found on bottom of page. I know that it does sound suspicious but I am assuming that the admin on website can see that it is two different IPs. I am sorry you feel the way you do but there is little I can do or say to change your mind, hopefully the admin can assist.

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  • Ja
      Sep 26, 2011

    Well this too will pass. I am not going to fight your, the bogus name person or this company further. I feel I was treated poorly and I feel for other customers and thought my comments would benefit someone down the road. It is too bad that it has been less helpful here and more about silly people playing silly games. I do thank Pennygone for being the one person here with some constructive advice.

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  • Ja
      Sep 27, 2011

    I came back to this website to do one thing (in case anyone else should be helped by my comments/complaint in the future) and that is to update that my complaint against Long John Silver’s has concluded in that I took all the uneaten food back and was given a refund. I leave this situation feeling that a customer should not have to jump through hoops when an employee (and especially a manager) treats a customer poorly when they themselves created the situation because they do not train properly as was evidence when the trainee was left at the register unattended and then when the manager herself in trying to correct the situation charged me for food that I did not order. I’m disappointed with the service and attitude of Long John Silver’s and will never go there again.

    As for the other comments here that I see do not stop… I feel very valid in my original complaint and I feel saddened that this website that I feel mainly is populated by adults with a joint effort to help one another has a few immature and hateful people that only goal is to take hours of their day to make many fake names and fill other’s comment page with belittling, defamatory and hate-filled remarks that are not constructive nor helpful. Hopefully the admin on this website will remove all these vile comments here but if not then I choose not to waste my time further. There are more important things to do in life than harass and hurt others; I hope that one day you recognize that fact.

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  • Ja
      Sep 28, 2011

    I want to thank for removing the offensive remarks from the bogus name person and I commend them on seeking to make this website as it was intended. I cannot imagine how hard it must be to monitor a whole website to be sure that there are valid complaints and valid commenters; It shouldn’t be their job to monitor that others are behaving appropriately but they took my concern and addressed it and for that I am appreciative.

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  • Cb
      Sep 28, 2011


    We have removed the comments posted by the userid's (Pennygone) and J.a.n. e) as they appeared to have the same IP address as the original poster. (J.a.n.e). We would like to remind you that you re only allowed one account per person. You are not allowed to create other userids to

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    Any duplicate userid's per ID address will in future be removed.

    To J.a.n.e

    As discussed we have removed your two other userid's since they were obviously being used by the same person to defend one's letter.

    Thanks for your feedback

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  • Cb
      Sep 28, 2011

    Also note

    We have removed four posts from the original poster as they were posted fo trolling purposes and to create conflict for the site.

    Please respect other members of the site and do not post complaints which will cause tension between members. Please post maturely and respect other members of this site. Please do not use this site to trolling.

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  •   Sep 29, 2011

    welcome friends, I like brenda's style

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