Long John Silver'sassistant manager threatening an employee

Date of incident is November 24, 2018. I had told my General Manager that my assistant manager, Danny Overbay, at the long john silver's in Yukon, Oklahoma at address 1109 S Garth Brooks Blvd, had brought a handgun to the store. Later that evening when I came into work at 5:00 PM Central time, he started mouthing off to me, trying to pin the blame on me. He pulled me back and started being disrespectful whining about how I told on him and such. I told him there is many other things the store can do to protect us from a robbery since there was a string of them going around the area than to take matters into your own hands, more or less after showing said gun say you hope the store gets robbed so you can SHOOT SOMEONE, and such other ways being notifying local police so they can patrol the area at 15 minute intervals, hire security, that sort of stuff. He thought when I said this I was referring to the pocket knives we have for cutting open boxes and such, which wasn't the case. He chose to assume. He then finished with "You think a knife will stop a bullet? Why don't you pull out your knife and I will shoot you and we'll see if that knife stops a bullet." If Danny is reading this, I do not CARE if you meant it as a "scenario, " That is still considered a threat to many law officials and is NOT professional in the work place to say to your employees, EVER. More or less when you are a MANAGER. I hope to press criminal charges for threatening assault with a deadly weapon at the most and Termination without pay with no chance of getting rehired at the least. This is unacceptable no matter what the conditions are to say this to people who work for YOU. I am not the only one to quit this store within one week's time. Last Tuesday, another employee and another Assistant Manager, or shift leader, quit because of his arrogant behavior. No disrespect to the General Manager but the failure to realize this sooner is the real cause behind the fall of that store. This should not be overlooked. Everyone needs to know.

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