Logan's Roadhouse / etiquette

600 West County Line Road, Ridgeland, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 6019572254

The Logans in Ridgeland, MS has always been below the bar in terms of service. For the past few years it just seems as though this particular location has greatly decreased in service and professionalism. Tonight I had a server by the name of Alexis and she was amazing, however, my complaint is on her management not her. She was phenomenal, and I have never received better service, so much so that even though it took almost an hour for my family and I to receive our medium RARE steaks only for them to be cold, that I still tipped her twenty dollars. Now, I've observed her work before previous times, always checking on other tables and always busy, but tonight she quit and I will probably never dine there again because of it. Having been a server in my younger years I know what it's like to be sat three or more tables at one time but the way she handled it was remarkable. However, after hearing her fuss with the kitchen for us about our food and then with a large curly haired woman she sent over other servers to take care of us to solve our issue. A manager with salt and pepper hair picked up her last table and he was very unpleasant the replacement server explained to us that Alexis had quit because these issues happen frequently with the night shifts. Bad servers, rude management, and a lack of work ethic amongst other workers, its sad really and I personally believe the store should consider closing for good. on the way out after this nice man named al paid for our food I heard the heavy set woman saying that she had just lost a great worker and that she was disappointed and anger that Alexis had set such a bad example but I disagree. Alexis went above and beyond for us and considering how disgusting the food was the service was impeccable. I wanted to tell the woman that the reason we will not be returning is because of the management team who with the exception of al completely ignored us. if the staff is as horrible as depicted by the server who replaced our old one I can completely understand why she quit and for the store to be in such an uproar about it, its obvious she meant a lot to the place as I heard even the kitchen staff fussing that she had left. I hear a lot of rumors about this store, from the general manager sleeping with his workers to roaches in the restaurant, but to hear someone speak so ill of a worker that obviously does her job well... well I am more than disappointed. I am sure this complaint will fall on deaf ears, however, it needed to be said. THAT STORE NEEDS TO BE CLOSED AND UNLESS AT SOME POINT ALEXIS DECIDES TO RETURN, WELL THEY WILL GET NO BUSINESS FROM ME, MY FRIENDS, OR MY FAMILY. this particular logans is a poor excuse of a business and apparently is ran just as horribly.

Dec 21, 2014

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