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Lobel Financial / illegal reposession of my car

1 san tan valley, AZ, United States Review updated:

I was given Lobel Financial through a dealership I had used before and previously had small problems with but trusted them with their loan department. I was in a car accident December 15th where another vehicle crashed into me and ruined my car. Lobel Financial went to my car at the tow yard, after the claim had started from the accident and stole my vehicle. They used documents illegal and falsified, lied to police stating they had a right to take my vehicle knowing the could not, they credited my account 12-6 and stole it 12-22. Mysteriously they gave it back to my insurance after I threatened police. THEY ARE CROOKED ROTTEN people and have class action law suites already but continue to act this way so now I am starting another suit. I paid them their money they had my account all updated, receipt in hand with me and yet they can go steal my car, re damage it by towing it when my insurance and myself are getting damage appraised, any additional damage they will pay for as well as stealing my property and filing false papers with the intent to mislead the police to obtain my vehicle. Again, I JUST started with them 11-2010, had 1 payment, paid it, but they took it from a tow yard? They are criminals and I already have the ball rolling on this one, they messed with the wrong person. I never miss a payment. Last loan co I had, I had for almost 2 years and was the reason my credit was so much better and then these losers take what I paid for, including $1, 400 cash down on it, $331 car payment, and TAKE it from a tow yard after an accident which I was not at fault. The car will be repaired and I will have the last word on this one. Anyone you know of that has had legal issues with Lobel Financial in Arizona or California, let me know.

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  • Ar
      26th of Dec, 2010

    Stealth Pilot, I agree. They had documents prepared and notorized but not by a judement, nor anything else. I have only had it a MONTH!! Why would they do that when I had paid and they had given a receipt days prior stating just that? I have the entire receipt, names and all and when the payment cleared as well as my original loan starting in November, which they also have my payment amount completely wrong, from $331 to $404 for no reason and no break down in the payment, yet my loan is pretty clear. Obviously they got the reposession documents because they took my car and same day (from corporate in California) turn around and say I can get my car back and defer the fees? REALLY? Who are these people? Unfortunately I now have gone on their website and see for myself they have already been sued twice now and a big class action for this very thing, EXCEPT some people actually were late paying, others like myself take car payments serious as my house payment and do not have issues paying it and yet this happens.

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  • Ar
      9th of Jan, 2011

    USA Auto in Mesa Arizona, they are the 1st phase of crookedness I am up against. I had gone through 5 cars to get to one that wasn't a totalled lemon and am finding out it was a rebuild again on this one. I received my car back from Lobel Financial next day of repossession through a voice mail that I could have my insurance go pick it up from the place these crooks stole it and placed it at, and it is currently being fixed from the accident that started all of this. I received a letter from Lobel Financial dated 12-27-10 (4 days after I got my car back with zero apology from Lobel) that they ("had my car and were selling it due to my non payment, and how much I owed them for this car) all while it is AT the auto body shop being fixed, and SO NOT with Lobel. They are insane and so is USA Auto. I am making my complaints to BBB and consumer and I am also doing a spot for "Chanel 3 On Your Side" where they go and interview these people and it is broad casted across the TV so others can be aware of their criminal activity. They managed to get my car from a tow facility with fraudulent papers, they had my account credited for my payment and next due date already on file with Lobel Financial as of December 6th, then turned around and took my car the 22nd, returning it the 23rd. I also have my Nephew who is only 3 years old dealing with cancer and our family is devastated, all along dealing with these people. What did I do to deserve this treatment?

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  • Ve
      17th of Jan, 2011

    they are shady. They give you the best service when you make your payment, but default once (in my case), and they get all crazy. I was i month late, and would send extra money per month to offset my late payment. I got my car repossessed for being behind $250. My current bill wasn't even due yet. Can they do that? Then, they don't even want to hear you out, or let us pleade our side of the story. Very rude people. I hope they go out of business, and their employees can feel like us when no one wants to hear or have somekind of compassion for them.

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  • No
      17th of Feb, 2011

    I have had a similar situation with Lobel. I made payments on time, even paid $40 extra each month. I was originally told my finance payment plan was to last 18months. In no way was that true after all their fees.
    In May i was hit by a car while riding my bicycle on a beautiful Saturday afternoon. Being a commissioned sales person, and recently injured I notified them of my situation and asked if they could work out some sort of arrangement. The customer service staff was very rude and basically told me to pay what i owed them or I would be in worse shape in layed up in the hospital. I only had the car for 16months and had so many mechanical issues. After paying for several repairs to keep the car running and by spending time in the hospital i was behind on my payment by 23 days, they repossed my car without any remorse. I again tried to work another arrangement out and they again basically told me to shove it. I got a summons stating I had 30 calendar days to file a response. All because of a bad few months my financial life is ruined now. I have obtained a bankruptcy lawyer to help with this matter. The 30days have passed and I am concerned they are going to garnish my wages or my bank account, can they do this even though i am filing for a BK? Do i need to pull all my money out of my bank ASAP?

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  • Gn
      10th of Apr, 2012

    It's true. I am in the same situation right now. I also bought my car from USA Auto. Had the car over a year, $500/mo payments, never late, never missed one payment. Car has been fully insured since day 1 and the registration was just paid for 2012-2013.
    My license was suspended due to court error, I did not know about it, got pulled over and the car was impounded. The next day I went to the court and the case was dismissed due to clerical error. Went to DMV then to the police for an early release. Went to get the car and it was gone. Impounded for less than 3 days, one of them a Sunday, and they repo'd it. I hate to say it, but the local cops are in on it as well. I didn't get it at first, but when they had the car towed, they wrote on the pink piece of paper (numerous scratches and dents) when describing my car. There was not a single scratch or dent anywhere except inside the wheel well, which is not visible (some scratches). So I thought this was bizarre, but there is only one conclusion, now that I see what took place.
    I have done my homework, and here's what's going on:
    There are two Twin brothers Randy and R...? something. Randy owns USA Auto, his brother owns the Repair shop across from Skateland in Mesa. USA sends all their customers there with promises of discounts. Lobel is probably owned by a brother or a family member too. So, USA sells the cars, the brother performs all the maintenance. Brother does not report to Carfax, so the mileage never increases on carfax. It's not a law that they report, just most mechanics do. So, USA waits a few months after you buy the car, and claims that they are looking for financing for you, and you make the payments to them. They pocket that money, and you never see it as part of your loan. It just disappears. Then the claim to "finally have found someone to finance you" and Lobel picks up the financing from there. They were there from the start, and only do financing for this corrupt ring. It's a phantom business.
    Lobel will spend the first 6 months telling you that you don't have insurance, or that their name is not listed as the lienholder. You send it over and over, but they are looking for something else. Once they get it from your insurance agent, your car will be repod. It may be for a day late, or some other bs, and if you do nothing wrong, the police will just impound it for them and they will take it from there.
    Then, the car never goes to auction, dream on. The car goes back to the brother at the mechanic shop, he spruces it up, rolls back the odometer to match what is on carfax, which is most like the mileage when you bought it, and the car goes back to USA auto and sold at retail value. They are selling the same cars over and over again at blue book with the same mileage. That's where their cars all come from, and that's the scam. Wouldn't it be nice to have an item, sell it, take it back and sell it over and over again for the same amount? what a deal! Thats whats' happening.
    We need to team up. I am in the East valley. This is my email [protected]

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  • Re
      4th of Jan, 2013

    I lost my job currently and am not even 30 days behond on my payments. I started getting calls on 1/3/2013, i am not talking 1 or 2 but up to 80 calls in one day saying they are going to come repo my car, These people are crooks andknow that they are. I dont understand how after having lost several law suits they are still treating their customers like this. They need to be shut down, how can we go about starting a lawsuit against them in the state of az.

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  • Di
      30th of Dec, 2014

    These ppl are backwards they lie and so rude and out to steal your money after a few months .. They will screw DONT EVER GO THRU THIS COMPANY

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  • Cs
      16th of May, 2016

    They repod my car yesterday for $150! Won't give us an answer when we ask them questions on how to get it back. We are trying to pay them my husband just got paid and we don't get an answer. Now they are trying to say he has to add me to the loan which we had to get it in my husband's name due to my credit! They are awful people! I just don't know what we can do!

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