I previously bought a bluetooth shower speaker from and it was great. I moved so I just decided to get another one. THIS NEW ONE SUCKED!! The battery wouldn't last nearly as long as my previous one which was the exact same kind. My new one lasted about 1 hour throughout the week and my previous one lasted every day for almost 3 weeks without being charged and it also let you know when it was dying by beeping several times but the new one just shut off with no warning. Also it would not properly connect to my iPad or computer but it worked with my phone.
So enough was enough and I decided to talk to company themselves. WELL let me tell you, it took them weeks to reply and figure out what to do and give me stupid suggestions instead of just replacing it. I was more than willing to send it back to get a better one but nothing happened.
Never going to buy anything from them again!!!

Jan 08, 2015

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