Lindsey & David Goodwin - Wynstarr Cattery / Lindsey goodwin - selling sick & dying cats!

I recently was looking for a kitten to buy for my daughter who is 7. After many hours of researching I found this lady. I was sure to ask her all of the questions that I had seen to ask before purchasing any kitten. Lindsey Goodwin assured me that her kittens were healthy and free of any diseases/health problems. She showed me photos of her kittens and I chose one. After waiting weeks for him to be old enough to leave we were finally able to go and get him. He was very scared when we picked him up and she said that it is normal and he would be fine in a couple of days.
We got him home and set him up with a bed, lots of toys, food, water and a litter box. We sat in the room with him and tried to get him to come out from under the bed with no success. After many man attempts of trying to pick him up, play with him, talk to him we were able to get him to come out, but would not allow us to touch him. He would hiss and even bit my husband twice! You could tell that he was not handled at all.
After finally showing him that we would not hurt him, he started to trust us and loved to be held, brushed and sleeping in the bed with our daughter.
After about 2 months of being with us I noticed that he was acting very lethargic. I moved him into our guest bathroom where I could keep a closer eye on him. After days of not eating, drinking or using the litter box I called my vet and he told me to bring him in. After many tests at the vet we found out that he had FIP. We tried everything we could and spent thousands of dollars trying to keep him alive but nothing worked.
We contacted Lindsey Goodwin and she did not act surprised at all. She said it happens quite often and that she could sell us another one.
I could not believe that she said that! That she was not upset at all! What kind of human does that?!
I am going to attach a link to one of her ads, Facebook Page and phone number.

Facebook Page:


Phone Number: [protected]

Mar 27, 2017

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