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Lift SP / scam

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I ordered a bottle of liftsp for what I thought was a good deal. The cost of shipping. They charged me 69.00. Then they sent me another bottle that I did not order. I called and canceled. Please do not fall for this scam, as I did. They will enroll you in their program, even if you only want it one time.

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  • Ga
      14th of Oct, 2008
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    I 'm being charged for a lift sp bottle for the amount of $79.95, plus shipping. I just received the product about a week ago. The packaging doesn't have a valid number to call back.. When I used the product it turned into cristals in my skin, absolutely dislike the product. wish to return it within one week of use but there's no number to call back available...I need to have my account credited back!!! I will contact the B.B.B. this matter has to be resolved...

  • Dr
      22nd of Oct, 2008
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    Lift SP is a total SCAM!!! I'v been charged for shipments that I didn't order, returned these items and have NOT been credited for these amounts. These "charges" are for $69 and $79. I've been ripped off for more than $300. Please report these people to the proper authorities. Dr HJ Rush, Princeville, Hawaii

  • Ba
      4th of Nov, 2008
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    I ordered a bottle of Lift SP for a total cost of shipping and handling only of $4.95. It was to be a free offer. I called and cancelled the day I received the order yet another $29.95 was charged to my account even though I was told by Vanessa at Skin Perfection that I would be charged nothing!! Now they don't even answer the phone# that is listed or return calls. I will be contacting the better business bureau on this one. DO NOT FALL FOR THIS SCAM!!!

  • Ga
      5th of Nov, 2008
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  • Je
      19th of Dec, 2008
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    My details are the same as one that is posted ...ordered a sample of one of their products for 4.95 over a month went by and I received nothing then noticed two charges for 79.95 from this company on my card, one for November and one for December and still had not received the sample I ordered. When I spoke with them they told me they could only refund one of the 79.95 charges because the sample I ordered was for a 15 day trial and since I didn't respond or opt out of the "membership" program within the 15 days then I had to incur that charge even though I told them I never received it. The woman on the phone told me that they showed it was delivered...I just received it on December 10th and have the tracking confirmation on the package to prove it. They charged me for November - what they said was "after the 15 day trial" even though I didn't receive this product until December. This company is not only a scam, the people outright lied on the phone telling me they show it was delivered. I have the post office confirmation showing it was delivered well after the 15 day trial ended. I will be calling this company back and will update this post then.

  • Ms
      26th of Jan, 2009
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    I stupidly ordered this product today. I then saw the fine print 5 minutes later and panicked. I called them immediately and was told it 'had gone through'. I called my bank and told them I did not authorize the payment to Lift sp. The had me sign a form to that effect and told me my $4.95 shipping that Lift sp had IMMEDIATELY DEDUCTED, would be back in my account in 2 days. Then, they advised me to cancel my debit card, and told me they would issue me a new one within the week. That way, this unscrupulous company could NEVER charge my account. I know it is a slight inconvenience, but very minor compared to having any dealings or future headaches with them. I IMMEDIATELY did as they suggested, and I now have the peace of mind of knowing my account is safe from these scammers. IF they try to ship me something, I will merely refuse the package. I am very lucky to have taken action right away. I even get my $4.95 back, and am safe from ever being charged a dime I did not authorize! I really suggest this as a remedy. As mentioned, the minor inconvenience is worth the peace of mind!

  • Mi
      1st of Feb, 2009
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    Hello, this is the manager of Customer Service for this product. Just letting you all know that our Customer Service hours are Monday thru Friday 8AM-5:30PM and the number is 866-897-2464. We do have a 30 day risk free satisfaction Guarantee. So please give us a call and any one of our representatives will be happy to assist you with anything that they can. Also if you would like to cancel your account through email you may do so by emailing
    Have a great day

  • De
      6th of Feb, 2009
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    I have been trying to reach the only phone number that SP list, the 866-897-2464 and cannot reach anyone. I have been on hold forever about three times. I think I will stop payment on my credit card.

  • Li
      21st of Feb, 2009
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    I tried a free trial of this stuff only to discover it wasn't free and they had signed me up for a continuous program. When I called 1800 919-2646, the customer service guy said that it was printed right next to the free offer that after 14 days you would be charged and put in the monthly program. I said I hadn't seen any such warning. I asked them to cancel this and will refuse shipment of any further product and complain to my bank. After I got off the phone, I checked to see why I had missed the info about a monthly program. I discovered that if you don't read down to the bottom of the page you can easily sign up with out realizing what you have signed up for. Contrary to what the guy told me this information was in fine print and way down at the bottom of the page. These guys know full well what they are doing. I was glad to see I am not the only one who got taken.

  • An
      25th of Feb, 2009
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    • Anita Wilson Says:
    February 23rd, 2009 at 3:17 am
    Heathers Blog The Truth about Nuskin – Is Nuskin a Scam?
    Check all these out. The dark haired women in these pictures are me. I first started seeing these January 6, 2009. My name is Anita Wilson and I am a NuSkin distributor living in Utah. These people have stolen my picture and are lying to everyone when using my before and after picture. They cut off the bottom part that has my name and phone number and states that I use NuSkin product for these results.
    The pictures are not touched up at all. I found out who is responsible for these web sites when my husband looked up who invented Lift sp. Lift sp was invented by Dr. Steven Jepson M.D. He hired a third party company to sell his products online. At his spa business in Murray Utah where he has a regular skin care practice the product is known by a different name.
    The problem for him is that 700, 000 NuSkin distributors in 49 countries have been using my picture for the last two years with my permission promoting the galvanic spa and skin care product developed by 130 scientists.
    After calling their customer service line and being on hold for more than 15 minutes I finally got to a live person and asked them if they had a store that I could go to. They said no and that they were an on line store only. I said, wow, those pictures are sure amazing. I see them all over the internet. Who is the women in the picture? The customer service rep said that she didn’t know. I said, the women in the picture is me and you don’t have any right to use my picture. Identity theft is a crime. They transferred me to a supervisor who wanted my information. I said, you already have it on the bottom of my photo and I gave them the number to the officer handling my case for identity theft. I then called Dr. Jepson’s office and related the same questions and asked how were the internet sales coming. The receptionist said quite well. After telling her that I was the women in the picture etc. she promptly offered to purchase the rights to use my before and after pictures. I gave her the number also to the police that are handling this case.
    I am noticing some faces are changing online but still I see more of myself with different names. This is a crime and we will sue them. They still have my picture up everywhere though.
    You can look up my name Anita Wilson farm bureau and about the year 2001 and dairy goats and you will read an article about our dairy goat farm. Also you can look up NuSkin and my name and there will be a reference to us as lapus executives. My web site is and we just posted a blog– You can also look up Mrs. Utah 2003 contestants as I competed for the first time that year. I won 1st runner up a couple years later. We are trying to get a web site out this next week to counter the theft of my image and tell the world a little more about us. The web site will be We also bought two other sites to send out the truth that may get to a larger target market. Silly names but I don’t know what else to do. They are and These people have committed a crime and hurt countless numbers of people who are searching for a good product to aid in ageing gracefully.
    One thing they really have wrong is about my children and the number. We have 10. Five sons and five daughters and seven grandchildren.
    This year I will turn 51.
    We age because of free radical damage and the arnox enzime that damages our skin. As we age we stop producing the things that keeps our skin looking young. Logically if we put stuff back into our skin that we no longer produce our skin should reverse restore a great deal. That change takes time. I had been using NuSkin products for 2 years and using the Galvanic 6 week when the after picture was taken. Now it has been 2 years since the after picture and I look better still.
    You can go to and learn more about what I use and from that site you can join my group or you can call 1-800-487-1000 and ask all the question about the products or the business plan. If you feel good about joining, use my name Anita Wilson the distributor living in Utah and I can be your sponsor. I would love to meet you.
    I am at what we call the team elite university training every month in Provo Utah every 3rd weekend of every month getting training and bring new people wanting to look into using NuSkin products. It is free to attend. We usually meet in the Marriot. The training starts Friday at 1:00p.m. If you come early you can tour the NuSkin corporate building and talk to the scientists at the lab across the street which is part of the tour. People from all over the world come to this.
    I will try to keep my blog updated for all who are interested and want to be informed about the progress of the lawsuit we are going to start and the struggles of identity theft.

  • El
      28th of Feb, 2009
    +1 Votes

    I think we should all get together and write this to the president, so that maybe he will go after companies like these and charge them a big fine everytime they cheat people. I'm never ordering a free sample again. other companies are going to pay the penalty because of this company. I'm changing my card. I disputed the charge of something I did not receive, + I had checked no for not ordering the product that sais only for 79.99 and they still charged me. I had my credit card dispute it, and now they are at it again, so I'm going to dispute it next and change my number at the same time. In fact I'm going to send them this page so they can see what they are doing. Maybe we should get channel 7 on our side...

  • Ja
      9th of Mar, 2009
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    NuSkin, while the products may work, the marketing strategy seems to be scamming others. See here

  • Mo
      16th of Mar, 2009
    -1 Votes

    Mrs, Anita Wilson, I reviewed your above comment and post, and after being an independent moderator of Boards and complaints, I think you may owe Dr J. an apology and possibly a retraction before you are sued and he will win. Before you go and make claims like you have you should really look into the truth before opening up slander or libel.

    Your facts are wrong, in fact the links above are independent blogs or people using content to drive sales for different products, I also found your picture or Dermitage, and about 4 other products. Are you sure your not behind this too drive traffic for yourself? It would be safe to assume that you jumped the gun a little early and now you are the one in the wrong. If your picture is being used by these links and blogs, then write them or slam them, don't slander a person or product when they are not the ones behind it.

    I research things like this to make sure that both sides of the story is heard, and why is it that your picture is used on other products, and blogs.

  • St
      23rd of Mar, 2009
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    I got scam with the lift sp. It didn't work at all. Why does it take over 8 days for me to receive this item when shipping from Utah to California only takes a few days using first class. This company also charged me for this creme which I didn't order for $29.95. I had marked the form that I do not want it. They shipped to me and then I shipped it back to them. They told me not to send it back, but I did anyway. They told me I should get a my $29.95 with 6 to 12 days . I waited for my credit card statment and they never took it off my credit card. This company is full of lies. Beware!!! This lift sp serum does not work on even a little tiny wrinkle. ... About Heather Blog. It is a fake. There's been also another lady they used for the same kind of fake blog. One ad I saw she claim to be living in Castro Valley and then another blog claiming she lives elsewhere. I am really angry about this whole thing. How can this company be in business.

  • Sp
      28th of Mar, 2009
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    I really sympathize with Anita Wilson from Utah being the victim of image theft to promote someone else's product. In mid-Feb. 2009 I was scammed buying Lift SP after seeing her supposed before & after photos on an ad on Facebook. The ad said her name were Carla Wilson from Seattle--what a lie! There is a link on the site that goes directly to Dr. Steven Jepson's Lift SP "Free Trial" offer. The Lift SP trial offer is a total scam, where they set you up for a membership without your knowledge and charge $79.95 a month on your credit card. I am even more disgusted about it knowing they fraudulently used your photos and attributed your good skin to the wrong products.

    I say we should all contact Dr. Jepson and ask for our money back and tell him it was really tacky (and illegal) to use Anita Wilson's photos to sell his crummy product:

    Steven Jepson MD (scammer)
    1817 Bear Claw Circle
    Draper, UT 84020

    at The Spa
    5323 Woodrow St.
    Murray UT 84107

    Tel. 801-281-0022, Fax 801-281-0044

    Let's not let another scammer get away with our money!!!

  • Ab
      14th of Apr, 2009
    0 Votes

    i spent 25 minutes on the phone with customer service regarding my order. they charged me $83+ twice and never shipped anything after the trial order. customer service rep gave me a tracking number for shipment (she could not determine if it was UPS or USPS ) which did not verify with either UPS or USPS. It was not a valid tracking number. Then, she said she'd email me the confirmation of this shipment. But while i held on the phone for 10 mintues...surprise, the email never arrived. I told her i would hold until the email came through. About 5 more minutes went by and the line went dead.

    She gave me a cancellation number plus my order number and neither work on that MICHELLE (the manager of customer service who posted comment here). Now there is no answer at that number 800-919-2646.

  • Je
      15th of Apr, 2009
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    All free trial of anti wrinkle products are a scam. Most of them are affiliated with DRI. The company behind liftsp. Liftsp gone by two other names before it became Liftsp. Why so many fake reviews posted by the makers of the product and a zillion fake blogs... Dr. Jepson, you can take down all these phony blogs and re-post new ones, but I will just keep on finding them and re-posting them on this website to expose what a scam you operate. The only legitimate reviewer is Over 98% reviews on skin products online is fake!!! You can buy your own domain cheaply and post fake blogs and reviews too...
    I notice some of the phony blogs from another person is gone, so that mean Dr. Jepson's associated constantly scan the internet . Isn't that embarrassing Dr. Jepson that we are found your phony blogs and reviews. I assure you that some of the blogs on my list will be gone and new ones will be put up under a different domain name...
    Folks, the following pictures are stolen from plastic surgeon's online websites. These results are from plastic/comestic surgery and not the result of using any anti-wrinkle products... don't be fool . If it is truth, then you will see many youthful people out there. No one will be needing the plastic surgeons. Why you think they are rich and in demand these days? Cuz anti-wrinkle product don't work...

    (same picture, but different names for each blog)

    (same picture, but different name on each blog)

    (same picture, different name on each blog)

    (same picture, but different name on each blog)

  • Ev
      22nd of Apr, 2009
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    I agree to all the comments but still I lost $37

  • Ca
      24th of Apr, 2009
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    To Evangeline Sustiutuido, Call your credit card company and tell them what happen. Tell them about the complaints on this website and many other. YOu need to find some of the other complaints listed on this site under DRI-liftsp lift sp lift-sp and so forth... It took me over 3 months to get mine back. Ask them to look at all those phony reviews and blogs that this company posted.

  • Ka
      15th of May, 2009
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    Read Moderator1876's other comments (click on the name, then click Comments), and see that each angry comment is in defense of one of the free trial scams. To Moderator1876: Sorry that we dare to voice our experiences and opinions and it upsets you so much. Maybe you want to go distribute your products somewhere else, where the masses have fewer rights.

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