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Liberty Tax Service / charged to much for 1040ez tax form

3100 meridian parke drGreenwood, IN, United States Review updated:
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Phone: 317-889-5900
I was charged $225.00 just to figure our federal & state taxes, I think that is to much for ez form and state taxes. My dad has his done by a tax accountant and pays $75.00 to $ 90.00 a year. Live and learn I guess. On top of the high charge then they charge you a fee to get the check if not direct deposited. Screwed without a kiss. The bad thing is is they don't tell you how much till they are done figuring your taxes.


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  16th of Apr, 2008
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I too was had here at an Indiana office. Portage, Indiana
They said I would receive a $50.00 deduction off the final cost. Then when I went to pay she tried to stick me for $279.00plus the $30.00 filing fee for electronic deposit. The man before me spent 45 minutes with her and was charged $150.00. I spent 20 minutes with her. I called corporate. This is how they explained it to me. The branch has discretion of what to charge the customer. So if you have a big refund coming the bigger the take.
The branch manager at the Hobart, Indiana office tried to explain it this way. She also manages the Portage office. We charge for how many forms we use. I said bull. I explained to her what corporate had stated. She still tried to deny it. I called corporate again. They stood by the original statement. Finally, the next day. I called the Hobart office just to get the final say. She tried again to tell me her way of charging. I said to her you played me for the amount of the refund not the amount of paper work. I said the customer before me spent 45 minutes with you at $150.00. I spent 20 minutes with you for an attempted charge of $279.00. Well I settled for $175.00 plus the electronic filing fee. Needless to say I did get the final word in. I will not recommend them to anyone. She promised a $50.00 deduction off the final cost and never honored it. My final cost should have been $125.00.
  23rd of Apr, 2008
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I had worked for the Liberty Tax office in Melbourne, Fl in 2004. Well James Burke the so called owner used me and my girl friend to advertise his business. Well we did are job and apparently he fired her and then did not pay me my last pay check. I was in the offce on New Haven Ave, in Melbourne and I looked at my final check and said to his people that there must be a mistake with this because I was short some money. My check should have been $350.xx and change. Well he came up and ripped the check out of my hand and gave me a paper cut. He said I am not paying you anything, and ripped up the check in front of me. He said get out. I insisted that he pay me what I had earned. So I walk out side to call the police and his assistant came out and threw baby wipes at me, which a Melboure Police officer was at the stop light and seen the whole thing. Well to this day James Burke did not pay me, I contacted the wage and hour office in Orlando and I did not get anywhere. They did make contact with him after months hiding from the Government. He refused to pay me after they advised him what could happen to him. I had lawyers contact him from day one, and he wrote lies back to them, and wrote me saying I am not affraid of your Pre Paid Legal Services. Well I did let every person and business know what he did to us and then I recieved threating letters from his so called lawyer saying that I needed to stop slandering his business. Well its not slander. Mr. James Burke rom Liberty Tax in Melbourne and Palm Bay, FL did not pay me. I did ignore those letters. Well he needs to be a man and a business man and pa his employees. When the day comes he pays me, then I will let every one know that now I did get my final pay check from James Burke. But until them he will always be remembered in every ones eyes and minds that he uses people and then does not pay them their last check. Here are the address and phone numbers to his locations:

Liberty Tax Service‎ -
1902 N Wickham Rd, Melbourne, FL‎ - (321) 259-4668

Liberty Tax Services‎ -
1120 Highway A1A, Satellite Beach, FL‎ - (321) 872-7000

Liberty Tax Service‎ -
401 N Wickham Rd, Melbourne, FL‎ - (321) 752-3949

Liberty Tax Services‎ -
4700 Babcock St NE # 18, Palm Bay, FL‎ - (321) 956-7899

Liberty Tax Services‎ -
1153 Malabar Rd Ne, Palm Bay, FL‎ - (321) 872-1040

Also their corporate office is in Virginia Beach, VA. I did also contact them and I never did get anywhere with them. They said since each office is owned and operated thees nothing that they can do. I advised them they need to pull his franchise agreement and they refused. So my best advised is Do Not get any of your taxes done at any Liberty Tax office anywhere. Also before I worked for James Burke, I went to his office in Palm Bay, FL on Palm Bay Rd and yes his office did mess up my taxes too. I only got a couple of hundred dollars back from te IRS. But with the same deductions afterwards, the year after that and so on, I got between $2500 and $3000. back from the IRS. I think there is something wrong with that picture.
  9th of Dec, 2008
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Jeff Wilcosky, you were fired for filing fraudulent hours and fraudulent expense reports. You refused the check you were offered for the hours I offered to pay you for. You were observed conducting your personal business during time you logged on your timesheet as time worked. You have contacted everyone in the world, and they've all told you to take your case to small claims court and let a judge decide. You prefer to slander and libel people you don't even know because the Liberty offices you have listed above do not belong to me. Why don't you grow up, listen to your lawyer's advice, and take the matter to small claims court? By the way, the police were called because of your violently abusive and threatening behavior toward the office employees. That was quite a scene you created. And how does an established business at a fixed office location hide from the government?
  28th of Dec, 2008
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James Burke, you took that check right out of my hand, you did not pay me at all. I have been working with you and Librty Tax in Virginia Beach, Va to have you pay me that orginial check. When employees perform work for you, then the law states you need to pay them. I expect to get paid what ever the check was that you were going to pay me. I will drop and update and let people know the day I get that check from you. If you want to, you can have that check sent to the Liberty Tax main office in Virginia Beach, Va and I will have it picked up from there and we will be done and over this whole thing. If you feel that I dont deserve all the pay, thats fine, but the check you wrote out to me, I should atlease get that. Also the police were already at the stop light sitting there because it was red. When they saw your assistant throw a bottle of baby wipes at me, thats when they pulled over to see what the problem was. Also I did get a paper cut on my finger when you took the check out of my hand. Thats why I got upset with you and your establishment. You would also be upset too if you were denied your check and was ripped out of your hands and was treated totaly unperfessional from Liberty Tax Inc staff and had baby wipes thrown at you, how would you take it. Also what I meant by hiding from the government, when the US LAbor Board for Orlando was calling for you, they said you never came to the phone ever. Then finally they were able to talk to you, but never got anywhere. Anyway thats waht should be done, and I will never bother you about this ever again. Thank you.
  29th of Jan, 2009
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James Burke before you start going around saying people were fired. Get the facts straight.No one in the right mind would want to work for anyone who does not pay them.I tried to help you and your business.You refused to pay me, no I never filed fraudulent hours and fraudulent expense reports like you say. Get the FACTS straight before you start putting things on the web that you dont know what you are taking about. I QUIT, because I had warning that you were not wanting to pay for the services that were provided by me for your business. You even said you could save the money instead of paying me, you could pocket the $1200-$1600.00 a month and save it for yourself. I expect to get that check that you ripped out of my hands that day that I had earned. You even admited you swiped the check out of my hand and took it back. That was totally wrong of a business man that you call yourself. A real man would have never done what you did. But if you are willing to represent Liberty Tax and give then a bad name then so be it, but I would never give them the business and all of my friends and family and everyone else that I well know, they all know what kind of a person you are and company you run.I think you need to do the right thing and pay your employee that did perform services for you.Who ever told you that I was not working well I was paying my own taxes during my lunch time.Yes I did take a lunch break. I dont work all day and not take a break. Also about the police, they saw everything what your assistant did in the parking lot. She threw a plastic container at me, which is called an assult.I could have filed charges against her, but considering the source, I did not. But dont go around slandering my name, get the facts straight. You are the employer, I was the employee, I performed services for you, in return you pay your employee. If you had a problem with me taking a lunch break and doing personal business during my luch break, you should have let me know that you had a problem with that.Well I did not know you had a problem with that. If it was brought to my attention maybe we could have worked something else out. But I never seen anything wrong with what I was doing. But you not paying me and taking checks out of your employees hands was not right.
  6th of Feb, 2009
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In court you can get triple damages if an employer doesn't pay you what they owe you. How come you didn't sue him in small claims court? You'd have made out on that one if you were in the right. Something fishy about all this from where I'm smellin'...
  20th of Feb, 2009
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$200 is way to much for a simple tax return--all of the preliminary work (e.g., deductions) had been done by me in advance. They used standard deduction instead of the itemizing version. The worker ccouldn't spell "professors". What a joke!
  8th of Apr, 2009
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WOW!!! That is way too much for a 1040ez! At HR Block for a 1040ez it was about $77.00...and then if you weren't even supposed to file...like for the year 2008 tax season...the file requirement to file is about depending on your age and filing status...but in your case its seems like your filing single and probably under 65...its about $8, 950...so if your gross income was lower...than viola...you don't have to file...this is according to the publication 17, which is from Internal Revenue Service. Also if your income was low and you still wanted to file, HR Block has this thing, when you file...there is something that they can do, such as lower their fee to about $35...like WOW...and that is for the federal and state...and they don't charge to electronically file...also...the cost for your tax prep is usually by the form...and its a standard cost for everyone...regardless of the time spent on it and refund amount. As for the James Burke...that's absurd. I would've sued that man for every penny to his sorry name. I am really surprised as to the calm manner that you are handling this situation. Good Luck on this case and I totally agree Cosmic that you should sue in a small claims court.
  12th of Apr, 2009
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That's why I don't quite believe the employment complaint. I would never in a million years let an employer keep one nickel I was entitled to. There are too many ways to hold their feet to the fire - small claims, government agency complaints, etc. That's why I think it sounds a little too fishey just to complain on a mesage board and not having done anything to actually get your money. There are two sides to every story, and this one doesn't smell right.
  20th of Apr, 2009
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H&R Block only charge $77 for a tax return? In your wildest of dreams! They won't even talk to you unless you pay a sit down fee of $29, and that is if you file a return with them or not.
  29th of Sep, 2009
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The complaining party obviously missed some English classes, "are job" is OUR JOBS. As a tax preparer for over 45 years, I can understand the frustration of April 15 deadlines and as a manager, I can really understand inflated timesheets. It is difficult to allow an employee to prepare taxes for a client when their respective communication skills are as this gentleman's, not to question his honesty.

I would advise as the other people have to sue in small claims, but remember, the other party's choice is to go after you for fraud - much more serious than just a tort action for failure to pay. Acting and sounding like this makes me disinterested in purchasing a franchise. I charge everyone the same fee and they know going in, I don't charge for kiddie 1040 EZS. I rarely do them because they do not have any benefit to taxpayers anyway. I dread having to train peole like this guy as preparers, WOW!
  26th of Nov, 2009
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Liberty Tax is a BIG SCAM!!! Do Not Do any Business with Liberty Tax! Since I got SCREWED by them with everyone else that I know who has got SCREWED by Liberty Tax, we all pass the WORD around. Someday that place will go out of BUSINESS for doing SHADY Business..Everyone needs to get together and do a CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT against these ###.
  7th of Jan, 2010
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As far as the libtax pay goes.. its not just one franchise.. I liked liberty and the atmosphere of the workplace, because of that I have tried 3 different franchises. The original Liberty Tax I worked for fired me and my fiance and accused us of stealing client's social security numbers. The owner went as far as to have a police officer there attempting to interrogate me. This of course terrified me. I would never do anything like that, I'm the average working schmuck like everyone else and couldn't dream of hurting another person with that kind of act. Anyhow that owner of course did not pay me a bonus nor a final paycheck. Being the person I am I knew the owner was looking for a washer/dryer and when I moved I attempted to contact the owner and let them know that they could have mine because I was moving. They continued their act. The second Liberty Tax I worked for seemed to be much better. I was recieving my paycheck but the franchise owner did not pay a single bonus check as it was written on the contract signed. Of course there's no proof of how many returns each preparer does unless they print the reports for themselves, which not every franchise owner gives the employee access to. I now work for a Liberty Tax that is much different than either of the first two. Third time is apparently the charm. The owner I work for now is always present in the office and not only pays his employees the agreed wages, but also pays out the bonus that was agreed upon. Not every Liberty Tax is a scam or bad employer, there are some franchise owners who do the right thing.
  2nd of Feb, 2010
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I was charged $183.00 for a simple 1040 ez. I am a student and work part time so I make next to nothing. I called ahead to see how much it would cost and they said it was based on how much work they did so thinking I have the simplest of forms it wouldn't cost me much and I had a $50 postcard that would give me the money on the spot. Needless to say I used it towards my outrageous pricing and ended up spending $133 for something I could have a) done myself on turbotax and b) paid about $40 or so at H&R block. I know I was ripped off. You live and you learn but I don't think anyone should have to. Prices should be fairly based not at the discretion of ###s. I won't ever be going back there and I don't suggest it for anyone else either. I can only imagine what people pay with more forms and more work.
  13th of Feb, 2010
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My mother had her taxes files at the Liberty Tax located at the corner of Guilbeuax and Johnson St., in Lafayette, LA. She attempted to get a RAL, and was told she was not getting enough back, understandable, yes, however on 2/13/2009 she recieved her federal income tax check to much amazment she was told she was going to get back around $600.00, when she went get the check, the Liberty tax office that prepared a 1040EZ for her (Liberty) had charged her over $350.00. One thing this location does to attract customers is they offer them $50.00 cash, to let them do you taxes, don't let this fool you, they get it back. I contacted the main office and informed them of what they did to my mother, the lady wouldn't even take the complaint, she said that I needed to call the location that filed her taxes. Their excuse for the cost was they had to file an earned income credit form. I informed the main office, then informed me call back on Monday, there is nothing I can do.

All I can say is if you need to file your taxes and come across this location...RUN!!!
  18th of Feb, 2010
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Liberty Tax charged me $185 (after a $50.00 discount) for filing 1049a in 2008. This year they charged me $385.00. Then I find out that they have made the same mistake for 2 yrs on my state. I have a qualifying dependent for Head of Household on Federal, but, On state I am supposed to file Single with a dependent. They filed me as HOH for the last 2 yrs. I got a letter from state and I now owe them $1600.00 for the last two years. When I went to Liberty to ammend my taxes so the mistakes they made were fixed not only did they try to charge me $160.00 to fix their mistake, The also ammended my Federal taxes and changed me from HOH to Single. Now I owe Fedral over a thousand dollars! I have taken everything to a another company that is trying to ammend my ammendment right now. Thanks a lot Liberty! I know you said you won't give me my money that i paid to you for preparing my taxes or the penalty fee, But that's o.k.. I will see you in court!
  21st of Feb, 2010
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who cares what lies liberty tax is pushing, I am not going to complain about them I'm just going to sue them in federal court and try to get class certification to put them out of business. If you don't know me now you soon will, liberty tax. Christopher Knecht, CEO Litigation Specialists...be seeing ya
  21st of Feb, 2010
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  25th of Feb, 2010
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What are you planning to sue them for? How much they charge? Good luck with that one...
  28th of Feb, 2010
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Cosmic...Im suing them for federal law violations. Regardless if I win or not they still have to pay someone to defend them so it isn't really about me winning money back from them but rather making them pay to defend their illegal actions. Read into it how you want but that's the name of the game. It doesn't cost me nothing more than the price of an envelope and stamp to ligitate...been doing it for 20 years. So, my 52 cents versus their hundreds of dollars for attorneys and court proceedings...one plus one equals two.

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