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Du Jan 22, 2015 Lothian, MD Review updated:

Liberty power forged my signature on a contract, now I may loose my company. my campground was built by my family 38 years ago, no I am on the brink of loosing everything. Liberty power will not produce a original contract with my INK signature because it does not exist. You can clearly see they cut out my signature and taped it on, there is initials that are NOT how I make my initials. When we approached them about all of this, they readily offered a $15, 000 BUT then they sent a bill (1st piece of mail I EVER received from them, their portion was added on to my BGE bill) they said they had forgotten to add their portion to a bill from a YEAR before for $12, 000 so they would give us a $3, 000 credit...seriously!! Well we got so behind with BGE because of the HUGE electric bills they turned our power off to the whole campground on July 31, 2014 and since that time we have been renting generators and paying about $1000.00 a day in fuel costs and the generators are 16, 800 a month to rent. We have begged BGE to turn us back on and we can pay all this money to them, they will only except full payment $92, 000. Well we have tried everything to borrow the money but know we are behind on all of our bills. we have lost about 20 plus campers because of this and we are now about to loos the generator because we owe $7000. This should NOT be happening to hard working people. These big companies HAVE to be STOPPED. Our next step is to call the TV stations and have them get involved.

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  • Mk
      Jan 22, 2015

    I am confused... It sounds like you are saying that you used power, got the bill and refuse to pay because ????

    What am I missing here?

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