Liberty Life / Provident fund payout

1 South Africa

I have been expecting payment of my Liberty life providend fund on the 03/05/2017, I have phoned in on numerous occasions and on the payment date they had confirmed that the money is due for payment and will be in my account in 48 hours (Friday) the latest. I have not received payment on friday and so i called in twice to the call centre after promising to call me back which did not happen. On my 3rd attempt i finally got through and they told me that my papers were not authorized properly ( How could this be picked up at such a late stage, At the payment stage, Could somebody have not picked this up at the begining or is Liberty Life just incompetent?). I had contacted my previous employer and he told me that everything has been authorized on his side, i then phoned Mr Muvhango at liberty life and told him that i had contacted my previous employer and that it had been authorized by them, he then gave me the brokers details ( Mrs Reena) who is handling my policy to speak to personally but when i phoned just after 14h00 she had left to go home, desperate to push the payment through by the weekend but once again couldnt through incompetent people or people who do not value clients.

May 5, 2017

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