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Liberty club claims that i applied for a discount club with them. i applied for a payday loan and the company sent my information to different lenders which is how they got my information. i did not apply to last chance pay day loan. i cant even find their website now. i did not apply for liberty discount. i never recieved a loan from last chance pay day. i want my money back. i did not authorized this. rasheeda [protected] times are hard and innocent people don't need places like this taking advantage of them. it's bad enough that the government is doing it. i would please like to have my money back. if i was applying for a pay day loan, what makes you think i have money to apply to some discount club? think about it.

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  • Mo
      8th of Feb, 2010

    Understand ---

    SPOOFING emails is extremely easy.. What a spoofed email is - a scam artist that is copying an email address so they don't get caught, directly. They make it look more "professional".

    It's a scam, same as all the rest. If you believe you've been charged incorrectly for a scam or this "company" then call your bank and have the funds stopped while you demand a refund for a scam/shady business.

    No matter what --- if you CALL THE BANK and be HONEST they will help ... Bank is on my speed dial. I love my bank - they help with everything, even those...sad days. ----------> Just remember our WORLD is in a bad time right now (income issues), people will try ANY and EVERY thing to get some change - don't believe everything you read!

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  • St
      3rd of Jun, 2016
    Liberty Club Discount - Unauthorized withdrawl
    Liberty club Discount
    United States

    I applied for a payday loan back in August 25 but on September 29 I noticed and withdrawl of 34.19 from bank account . When I investigated it I saw it was a check made out to LibertyClub Discount. I never signed up with this company I immediately called them and after some run around they gave my cancelation number and the refund website. I filled out more information and they told me to wait 72 hours for my refund. I waited the 3 days only for them to tell me that I wasn't getting a refund because they did not notice any third party tampering. When I told them I nver signed up with this compnay it was as if it was falling on deaf ears. I demanded to speak to a supervisor but of course they never connected me to anyone. I had call three diffrent times and use the chat line to get anywhere with these people finally they said I shall recieve a refund between 7-10 days. I don't believe them so I am having my bank complete a check fraud investigation on this crooked company.

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  • Na
      10th of Aug, 2016
    Liberty Club Discount - Monies taken out of checking account
    Liberty Club Discount
    Grass Valley
    United States

    Well, lets see what happens, I to had $34.91 cents taken out of my checking account. I called there number and talked with someone I could hardly understand. But she did give me the web-site for the refund. They are suppose get back to me in 72 hours. But this is wrong. I received nothing telling me this was going to happen. Good business practice would be nice. Like we will be taking monies out of your account are you sure you want this. I know this to much to ask for. Will let you know the out come...

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