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I co-hosted a lia sophia party a couple of weeks ago and it seems the advisor is not honest. I did not recieve my free items or any other "hostess" perks. My order was treated as any other order. I recieved one necklace for $20 and one half off item which was the deal of the month. I PAID FULL PRICE FOR EVERYTHING ELSE! The other hostess recieved 4 free items and paid full price for her other two items. In looking at the shipping slip it appears that the advisor charged my credit card for mine and the other hostess's items. When she finally called me back she told me that she did it that way "cause it was easier for her!" Did I mention that the co-hostess also gave her a check? After I asked her if she had charged my credit card for all she finally admitted that the other hostess had given her a check. I then asked her what the other charges were on my card she said that it was just for my items. REALLY?! What happened to my "benefits" lia sophia is so quick to tout? It appears that they just disappeared. When I called the company to complain I was told that it was an advisor issue and I needed to take care of it with her. Hmm, now she won't answer my phone calls or emails. Lesson Learned. I will never, ever host another party and I will never, ever purchase another piece of cheap jewelry from lia sophia and I will tell everyone exactly what happened and bad mouth lia sophia until the day I die.

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  • Li
      Apr 23, 2014

    Oh no!!! I am sooooo sorry that happened! This sickens me! I have been with Lia Sophia for a few months and it has changed my life! Most advisors are NOT like that and idk what the issue was with the CS rep at Lia Sophia. So sorry you had such a crappy experience!

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  • Li
      Jun 22, 2014

    I completely agree with this ladies opinion on the dishonesty of her Lia Sophia Advisor as the one I ordered from Tammy Lemere is dishonest herself. She has failed to get me my jewelry order & has failed to contact me. I contacted her via cell phone & via text like she stated & she only contacted me via text one time regarding ordering my 3 necklaces that came together as one piece of jewelry. First & last time I have anything to do with Lia Sophia & their jewelry. They apparently do not care who represents their company & before long they will be out of business because of their dishonest employee's.

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