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My name is Angel Kirk. I went to get a eye exam for contact lenses at the LensCrafters location 2475 W International Speed Way Blvd Daytona Beach FL 32114. I went there to get the exam and the contacts on 1/11/19 and everything was paid for. At the time to get the contacts, they didn't had the specific contacts I needed for my vision so the doctor gave me a pair of trial that were close to what I needed. They told me to wear them for two weeks which I did and that in the mean time they were going to order the ones I needed. I went back a week after for the follow up and everything was fine but the contacts I needed were not order as it should have been. I requested them to do so which supposedly they did right after. Hence that this should've been done right after the first visit. They just told me that they didn't have them at the time. I paid $170 for exam and contacts that were not the right fitting. I still wore them as the Dr. Baldwin suggested. Close to the two weeks I called to see if the contacts were in but it wasn't. At this point I'm getting inpatient because they had plenty of time to do this but it didn't happen. So, they put the order in, two weeks has already passed and I don't have the contact lenses I need.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Daytona Beach, FLI kept calling back to check on the status of them and today 1/28/19 I gave them a call. I was on hold for over 10 mins just to find out that only one of the contacts are in, not both of them and the lady on the phone told me they have to find them. This is by far the worst experience I've ever had at this location. I've been a customer at this location for over 2 years now because they have a broad selection of frames, nice machines etc but the customer service has gone way down and no one seems to care. How could they not have this ready? They had plenty of time and now I don't have contacts that I really need for my every day use. Well, the girl on the phone told me to wear my glasses in the meantime. Why do I have to wait, keep calling, and trying to get people to do their job for something I paid for and not getting? I'm very upset and I've been more that patient to give them a chance to make it right. They promise to call back and it never happen, I have to end up calling instead. I hope this issue get's resolved ASAP! I will be calling my bank if I don't see those contacts within the next day and I will be posting a review on Google about this location as well. There is definitely bad management here and workers here simply don't care!
If you like to give me a call my number is [protected] or [protected] I expect a response,
Angel Kirk

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