Legacy LabsTakes money... Do not recommend!

I purchased a Poodle from Legacy Labs to be a future stud dog. The dog came to be with the worst bite I have ever seen. He also had green snot coming out of his nose when he arrived and was flown to me in a broken crate. After having my vet look over the dog, we both concluded that this dog would make a poor stud dog because of all of his issues.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Terrell, TX I was very clear with Kathie before I purchased the puppy that I wanted a dog with a good bite and the puppy not only had a severe base narrow bite but he also had an overbite. The puppy was sent back to Legacy Labs within 48 hours of receiving it and Kathie refused to refund any money that I spent. If you are looking for a quality and healthy puppy, I would HIGHLY encourage you to not purchase from Legacy Labs. I now have no puppy and lost almost $4, 000...

Feb 18, 2015

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