Lease One Corporation / Guilty of stealing from customers

1 United States

In 2005 I signed up and paid $19, 900 for the Lease One Broker Program. As a Lease One Broker I experienced everything negative that I am reading on the internet. If you are thinking of signing up for the program ask yourself this question, why would folks who paid $19, 900 go to such great lengths to discredit the program they paid to become a part of, would not that hurt their chances of ever recovering their investment? If you are still doubtful and believe crooked Joe Angelo's sales pitch about being a family run business and that Lease One adheres to high ethical standards and methods of operation please take a look at this blurb from a 2005 law suit where Lease One was found guilty of STEALING their customers deposit and later ordered to pay it back with penalties:

2005 Mass. App. Div. 149 (2005) U.S. Environmental Rental Corporation v. Lease One Corporation Massachusetts Appellate Division, Northern District. November 21, 2005.

Defendant Lease One Corporation ("Lease One") was defaulted for failing to answer, an assessment hearing was held, and a default judgment for actual and G.L.c. 93A punitive damages was entered against Lease One for its refusal to return an unearned deposit.

Would you really want to do business with a guy like Joe Angelo? Read the court case, it goes on to say: The motion judge may well have concluded that Lease One merely elected to treat this action with the same apparent nonchalance and indifference it had shown to the plaintiff's earlier requests for repayment of the $15, 000.00 deposit monies and the plaintiff's G.L.c. 93A demand letter. Further, Lease One advanced no substantial defense to the plaintiff's claim for a return of the $15, 000.00, which was due upon Lease One's failure to arrange more than $500, 000.00 in lease financing.

I'm reading complaints about Joe Angelo lying to brokers, stealing from brokers and his nonchalance and indifference attitude to their pleas for help; it sounds like a US Court of Law already found Joe Angelo guilty of all these charges. Lease One is not a legitimate business, it's a scam to steal your $19, 900 like Joe did to U.S. Environment Rental Corporation. You should be ashamed of yourself Joe and the websites that tout your business as being legitimate should be held liable for their lies as well. This court case should prove that Lease One Corporation is a scam.

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