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LeapFrog Enterprises, Inc. / Lack of service, false advertising!

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We placed an on line order at for two Fly Pen Combo Packs. Leap Frog Enterprises advertises that when you place an order for the combo pack you receive a free backpack.

Once our order was placed, and we attempted to confirm it, only one backpack showed up on the order. At your order, once entered, cannot be updated nor edited.

We placed numerous telephone calls to Leap Frog Enterprises, all of which required at least three hours of our time attempting to resolve this simple problem. When we finally reached a supervisor, named John, he advised us that in spite of Leap Frog Enterprise's and Flypentop's advertising, he, nor Flypentop could do anything to remedy the problem nor edit or cancel our order. John further advised us that there was "nothing we can do." He advised us that we cannot cancel the order, nor could he or the company send out an additional back pack. He advised us our only recourse was to receive the shipment, return it, and place two separate orders (which, of course, would not arrive in time for Christmas, and we would have to pay s/h cost two times). Their site , does not by the way indicate that orders must be separately placed to qualify for the special.

We only wanted to receive the back pack for each order, as advertised, so each of our children receive the same package from Santa.

Guess Santa won't be delivering a Fly Pentop this year!

Help. Does customer service exist anymore? This gross lack of customer service is a sure way to lose business (not that Leap Frog Enterprises cares . . . we are, after all, just one small voice).

Ultimately we want the product, but how can we in good conscious support a business who does not, nor cannot courteously and simply assist those who keep the company in business - the consumer - with both technological support and with basic customer service and courtesy?

Shame on you, John, for your lack of concern, unwillingness to find a solution to a VERY simple problem. And Leap Frog, you're belly up w/out a lilly pad to float on. Your is a technologically based company, get it together and modify your sites to accommodate the editing of orders, and teach your employees how to "serve" your customers, and check with your legal council regarding false advertising.

Thanks so much!

Clark and Terri Conrad

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      23rd of Dec, 2006
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    During a time of Christmas, one should be thinking of joyous times, the smile of children opening their presents on Christmas, peace, love and general good thoughts, but after dealing with LeapFrog Ent, I've lost any sense of Christmas good spirit I had.

    I spent the latter part of the week before Christmas searching for a FlyPen, Most stores were out and after that weekend, I decided to try an order through their site.

    Placed an order for one FlyPen, base, and FlyPaper in the early hours (1 AM) on Monday Dec 18th. I was charged for the product and "second day express shipping" which cost me an over and extra $20.00, with the expectation the product would arrive before Christmas for my child. Upon ordering their site states that “you will receive an e-mail once the product is shipped”. SO now the saga begins . . .

    I had not seen an e-mail notification after within 24 which they said would be sent upon shipping (actually 40 hours, that was about 7PM on Wednesday) so I called them to see if it was shipped. I spoke with man, who indicated that it was "being processed" but there was no other information and no shipping or tracking number. He suggested I call back in 24 hours if I had not received an e-mail notification.

    Now Thursday, about 7 PM and still no e-mail. I call and once again, I get the same story about "its being processed but no other information is available". Once again I am asked to call back in 24 hours.

    Now on Friday night, December 22nd, one day left for mail to be delivered before Christmas and STILL no notification that it was shipped! So I call, and once again, the same [censored] story about "processing . . . . no tracking number... cal back in 24 hours".

    At that point I tell them I want the order canceled and all monies returned. I start hearing "Sir, when it arrives, you can ship it back". With this I EXPLODE. I'm not paying ONE DIME for their mistake even if it means to pay for the product to go back. The call finally ends after I have given the person on the other end an ear full.

    So now, its Saturday afternoon, the day before Christmas Eve, and I call on last time, hoping for some fluke that allows them to all of a sudden say, "oh, our mistake... it went out earlier in the week"... but... I got that conformation about the same time the FlyPen. Considering the pen has not arrived, it means I did not receive conformation that it was shipped. what I did hear was, "sorry... our mistake..."

    "Damn right it's your mistake! You site said nothing about the product being out of stock when I ordered, and there was nothing on there indicating that 2nd day mail was going to take 5 or more days!"... So out of the kindness of their heart (ha!), they tell me "well, we'll removed the 2 day shipping costs..." to which I replied "You'll refund the whole damn amount! Considering the manner in which LeapFrog operates, I will do nothing short of posting my experiences to as many places as I can on the Net. I will be sure to contact the BBB and any other avenue I need to to get this corrected... in other words a complete refund!". Once again. I hear about how they will pay for shipping of the product to me, but to return the product to them I have to pay . . .

    So now, here I am posting this fiasco and keeping my word to LeapFrog, unlike Leapfrog does to its customers.

    So there you have it, Leapfrog valiant effort to make a child's Christmas happy. LeapFrog.... YOU SUCK!!!!

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      3rd of Dec, 2013
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    It's the second time I buy apps online from leapfrog for my son's leap pad 2, lurred from their email advertising a sale. In both case, I was not able to apply the sale, which was a minimum of 25% off.I thought I would be able to click or entered the code, but the website brings you to check out before you can have a chance to see if the code is in or not. Once the transaction is done, there is no turning back, no way to resolve the discount issue. I emailed leapfrog immediiately, and I never heard back from them...

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