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Lean RX / Extreme Burn / Lean RX / Extreme Burn made unauthorized charges to my credit card!

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Jan 2007 three separate charges to credit card $79.95; $69.95; & $74.95 between Leanrx and XtremeBurn. Phone numbers provided on bank statement request only credit card account number; email address no good either. Not any way to reach anyone to discuss the fact that I have never done business with either one or that the charges were not authorized. Bank has reissued account, investigation ongoing to allow return of money. Possibility of future charges may be precluded for now, but I want my money back. These people have made it all across the country according to the Consumer Affairs website, and probably not ready to stop without a little help from law enforcement of some kind. I know the internet is nearly impossible to control, but this is fraud. I hear that's still illegal in this country, and these people need to be stopped NOW.

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  • Sh
      14th of Jul, 2007
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    They have done the same thing to me and HUNDREDS of others! Only difference is they charged on my check card instead of a credit card. Seems if it goes thru on a credit card, the credit card company will give you a credit for the amount fraudulently charged. If it goes thru on a debit/check card, you REALLY loose! I have filed complaints with: Utah's Better Business Bureau (, www., Utah Division of Consumer Protection (, and, and filed a fraud complaint with my bank. It appears that all of these charges have started happening to people in May 2007 and are still going on today.

    If there is ever a civil suit brought against these people, COUNT ME IN!

  • Pa
      21st of Jul, 2007
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    I was charged four times for the amounts of $79.95, $69.95, $79.95, and $69.95 for Hoodia and Like others I did not order their products nor did I receive any products. What is the process about getting on a list for a civil suit?

  • Te
      21st of Dec, 2007
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    Just went on and did the survey! When you enter the website-the word here is printed in red-click on the word here and it will take you immediately to the survey! GOOD LUCK!!!

  • Cb
      26th of Dec, 2007
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    I also got hit up for $79.95 on my credit card for some Dietary Supplement that I never ordered. How they got my card number I have no idea, I caught it pretty quick on the bank statement and had them take it off, luckly they did. I also made many complaints to BBB here in town and also gave all the information to the Bank and they said they have people employed with them that look into things like this. Hopefully they will be put them out of service SOON, sounds like they are getting alot of money from anyone they can find an account to charge it to. Hopefully they find them and give them some jail time for what they are doing to people. As we all know we will never see the money back.

  • De
      13th of Apr, 2008
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    I'm not exacly sure which fake company this was through but, they had two differant charges on my credit card account for 14.95 a piece, this was back in Nov. or Dec of '07, I could still find them then and I wrote them an email demanding that they stop charging my card, and I had never signed up for this. I think they were called ProtectionPro, or Plus or I'm not sure, and the other was similar, started with a "G" along the same lines, some kind of watch dog deal. Well I changed the number on my credit card. And that put an end to those charges, however, shortly after that I started to get emails about "Home Invation" is you house protected? I'll admit it scared me. But that still is not the worse part of this mess...they had the nerve to post my home phone number on a complaint site!! So for the passed 5 months I've been getting phone calls, they come in waves, at 3, 4, 6 am asking if this is such and such. This last batch of calls was within my time zone, if that is any help to someone, the first 100 were from back east, the next batch from mountain time, now these have been pacific time. I had spent two days on the phone with the phone company, there was nothing they could do, nor I had to explain to these poor people, that they had ripped me too, and this number is a private residence. The call I recieved a very days ago told about this site, he also told me the specific site my number is on, but I can't recall. But I need someone to remove my number, it's either that or I have to change my phone number... if anyone can help the # is (530) 459-5749. There is another company to watch out for, they are out of Arizona, the salesmen are very smooth, they use collage kids from the university to answer the phone, then give it to a salesmen to close the deal, then they go through yet another company that handles the $$$, they ask way too many questions, they are rude and insulting, and keep calling you and calling, they try to sell you a web site for RX drugs, they insist on you personlizing it, and cut the fee in half, with hope of more $$ coming they're way. If you try to contact them they won't talk to you on the phone they refuse your emails, saying that you are harrasing them, which is the complete opposit, detracking guilt from themselfs. My bank just got me a refund, because there was no authorizsion from me, I never signed anything, yet they had my cc #. I know this because the refund was on my statement plus I received a very fraduent and extremly rude call on my cell phone. The man said he was looking for me, this is she I said... Then he says he's calling about my web site, I don't have a web site sir, he says oh yes you do, you paid $250.00 for it, and your probably making all kinds of money off of it, I said don't ever call this number!!! I looked to see if the number was in my phone memory... but I couldn't be sure which one it was. Then I looked at the site itself to see if it was still there, and all they do is change a letter or two in what they are calling this, so it's all on you, then it goes through another company, so they have twice removed themselfs... to me that smells not only funny but to close to the illlegal side of business, they want all you personal information, thinking you'd just hand it over, when questioned they got very baliduant and extremely rude, you don't do business like that... I hope they were sorry they ran into me!!! Beware!!! People like that will rob you blind!!! Under the pretense of helping sick old people... dispickable!!!

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