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Laurice Skincare and Cosmetics / Beware of this scam!

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Laurice Skin Care of Pepper Pike, OH outside of the Cleveland, OH area has overcharged myself as well as several other individuals for product and services. We found the same products on line for anywhere from around 400-1000% cheaper. It is the exact same product because I worked there and know it is. She also does not pay her help as she told me $10.00 an hour or barter for product. Before she raised her prices to the roof, I traded product and when I asked for money, she said I was not entitled to it because I did not have a beauty license which is a lie. Other employees received a paycheck who did not have a license.

She lies and says she tells the chemist what ingredients she wants in her products and said she has a Bachelors Degree in Chemistry. I took a chemistry course in college and when I asked her about ingredients in her product, she had no clue what it was and what the ph level was and what ph is?

She also has pending complaints at the Cleveland Better Business Bureau. Beware!

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  • La
      12th of Jun, 2009
    +1 Votes

    This person is a disgruntled ex-employee. She left the employment of Laurice Skin Care when it was discovered she was stealing products. This person has severe mental issues and is known to have abused prescribed medications and has spent time in rehab. This persons credibility is questionable. Laurice Skin Care products are manufactured for Laurice Skin Care. Products with similar sames but without the Laurice Skin Care name on are not the same product.

    Employees of Laurice Skin Care are state licensed. The company specializes in paramedical esthetics.

    The above complainant was not a licensed individual at the time of her complaint.

  • Sk
      24th of Oct, 2011
    0 Votes

    I have been with Laurice for over ten years and have found her to be the most knowledgeable person regarding the treatment of my skin. You will not find her expertise anywhere else. Her products work and I have enjoyed the results. If there are other people selling the same thing they are knockoffs and of poor quality. I would not trust them.

  • Kr
      8th of Jun, 2012
    -1 Votes

    I have been using Laurice’s skin care products for over 15 years and I swear by them. The reason? They work! People always tell me they think I look younger than my true age. When I first met Laurice, I had scarring and large pores from teen acne. Now that I’m older, I’m fighting build-up around my mouth, fine lines and dark eye circles. Every time I leave Laurice’s office I can see the proof in the mirror that her products are working to make me look younger.
    Plus, Laurice really cares about each of her clients and works hard to make sure they see results. I trust her with my skin, which is a comfort in this day and age of false product claims. Laurice and her products are worth the investment, hands down.

  • Sc
      4th of Sep, 2013
    +2 Votes

    I went to Laurice on 08/31/2013, and waited 1 hour 15 minutes for her to show up. I had a gift certificate, and if she doesn't think you have a lot of money - she does not even SHOW UP for your appt. The staff in her center told me she does that all the time, and they never know what to say to the clients. The office was filthy, with furniture covered in stains and pet hair. DONT GO!!!

  • Pi
      19th of Mar, 2014
    0 Votes

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  • Ma
      16th of May, 2015
    0 Votes

    I have been using Laurice’s skin care products since 1987 I've tried many over-the-counter products and felt they dried out my skin. In addition, there was no improvement in my skin. I'm impressed with Laurice's knowledge and her willingness to help me find a skin care program that works for me. I would recommend her products to my friends.

  • Fr
      15th of Sep, 2016
    +3 Votes

    This women who made this complaint about working there is telling the absolute truth! She is very unprofessional and always screams at her husband in front of people. She also belittles you and if you don't have hundreds of dollars to spend she goes in on you and try's to make you look guilty. Her skin looks disgusting as well, it's never a relaxing environment, it's always her talking about the girls that work for her and other clients! Stay clear of this psychotic women.

  • Sn
      25th of Oct, 2016
    +2 Votes

    This is a scam plain and simple. The products she uses come from rainshadow labs and she charges $200 for 8 ounces of product that you can buy at $100 a gallon. Laurice is rude and disrespectful and her skin looks like rotten meat. She hires people and has them performing work that only licensed beauticians should be doing and teaches her staff to lie to the health board if they come in for an inspection. The chemistry degree is a made up selling point. The shop is so tiny that women literally crawl over each other to get out of the room. She also made up the positive reviews on this site. BEWARE! YOU'LL BE SORRY.

  • Do
      10th of Jan, 2017
    +1 Votes

    Everything that the former employee said is absolutely true! These comments on here that are allegedly good are complete lies! I know from personal experience because I use to work there and she was a horrible boss. She would scream and yell at me for no reason. She would get mad at me because I couldn't work all the time because I had to go to school. I told her from the beginning I could only work part time though. She would always tell me I needed to get my life together because I changed my major once!! I don't even understand why that was even a concern to her!!! I felt so bad for clients that would come in thinking they were about to have a relaxing experience because that was far from what was about to happen. Laurice sits in a chair and rolls (because she's too big to actually physically get up) around bossing people around especially her husband. Jan is such a sweet man and is constantly screamed at and belittled in front of clients all the time. She definitely speaks about her workers to her clients saying how much of a bad worker they are or that she doesn't like them. When new clients come in she will tell them how bad their skin is, tell them they need certain products and the total will come up to like $800.00 and when the client says that's way to high I can't afford that Laurice will get pissed. She will tell them that they need to care about their skin more and that it shouldn't matter how much it costs, like the average person has $800.00 just sitting around for facial products. No one should ever go to this "business" and I use that term loosely!! Your better off washing your face in your own bathroom then going to this train wreck of a business!!

  • Di
      21st of Jun, 2017
    +3 Votes

    Here's how the scam works. Laurice combs the charity ads and donates her coupons as raffle prizes. When you get to the shop for your "180.00 facial" that you paid for at the raffle you will have vinegar and other crap smeared on your face by some random person off the street. These people don't even fill out applications to work there! The poster was right- she tells employees to lie to the health board if they come in. After you wait for an hour she shows up. The first thing she'll do is say your skin looks bad but look at hers!! Frankly if you let someone that looks and smells like Laurice touch your face you deserve what's coming. She buys product from rainshadow labs and botanical science and yes she jacks the price 700 percent. she is rude, unprofessional, dishonest and probably has mental problems. If you want to pay $400 for $50 worth of crap and leave covered in dog hair this is the place for you.

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