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Last Minute Fare LLC / No refund

1 Wilmington, DE, United States Review updated:
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As per June 26, 2008, I arranged funds in the amount of $14, 472.00 to be wire transferred into the travel agency's bank account, for three first class airline tickets to Africa. Due to the travel agency's lack of performance and our travel delay, On July 22, 2008 we asked for a refund. Michelle gave us her word that she would issue us a refund, but did not deliver.

After several attempts to contact Michelle through phone calls and emails, we have not been able to her get a hold of her or any one at the travel agency. She blocked all phone lines we called her on and when we did get through, she pretended not to be Michelle and would say, "Michelle is not available". As of this date, we have not received our refund and are in fear that we are victims of fraud. Will you please help us recover our funds of $14, 472.00.

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  • Ma
      15th of Aug, 2008
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    I have the same complaint about this company also. My daughter and her friend saved for a trip to Europe after HS graduation. When I booked the tickets with Nishita at Last Minute Tickets in Wilmington, Del. I thought we were all set. Nishita wanted to have all the money sent to her within two days and we complied. On the day of departure there were no tickets bought for the girls. This all happened at 5:30am! I called and Called the numbers I had available and finally got through to her. She did say she was "sorry" and did forget to purchase the tickets, BUT that she would call me back in a half hour to make it good. Indeed, after my ranting and raving and insisting that she find a flight for these girls the same day, she got them an a flight that. Thought it was all AOK. NO!
    I confirmed with her the return flight, and because of my bad experience the first time, and for fear these 18 yr olds wo8uld be stranded in Madrid I called, Emailed, and called the airlines that confirmed that we had a booking reservation ...come to the departure date in tickets were purchased! AGAIN!!! The girls were able to get a person with some authority to help them and approx. $500. later they were able to board a flight that left 6 hours later.
    The girls are home is almost a month since they've returned and I"ve emailed, called and been hung up on by Nishita . Her promise to reimburse the girls their money has yet to happen. They are out $500. right now and I'm so sorry the previous complaint was of much greater value.
    I want to public to somehow be alerted to the fact the this is not a reputable company. Of course I want the girls money to be returned.
    Is there anything we can do?

  • Ch
      15th of Aug, 2008
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    I too had this same problem with this company. I purchased 7 tickets to Asia through them. I used a credit card to hold the seats and than sent a personal check in the amount of $10, 286. She cashed it 2 days later. Date of departure arrived, my family went to the airport and no ticket was issued. We called Nisha and she told us to wait 3 more days until she could get us a flight. She promised to refund 2 tickets for our incovinience. Thirty days later after we returned from the trip, not only we did not get our refund for two passengers, we discovered our credit card was charged for three additional passengers fares. I called and wrote her letters to no avail. I did some research and this is what I found. Last Minute Fare LLC registered in the state of Delaware. Service of Process: Jim Wardlow, 2410 Fair Oaks Blvd ste 125, sacramento, ca 95825. Mailing address where I sent my check: Last Minute Ticket, 289 S Robertson Blvd ste. 353. Beverly Hills, CA 90211. I tried everything I could to stop them from taking money from my credit card, I don't know how successful it will be not to mention the refund I was supposed to get back. I filed complaint with the BBB. I hope some body reading this can give me some idea what I should do next. I will appreciate it very much. However, EVERY BODY, BEWARE OF LAST MINUTE FARE LLC.

  • Do
      9th of Sep, 2008
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    We had the same problem with this company as well. But when we found them they were doing business as, and scammed us for $6600. We have come to the conclusion that we aren't getting the money back, despite what they seem to say about our refund.

    We have filed a complaint with the Internet Crime Complaint Center at I would recommend everyone who has been scammed by this company do the same thing. We too have filed a complaint with the BBB, so I would recommend that everyone report these problems as you experience them, so maybe we can stop this from happening more.

    I have done some more research about this company and there appears to be 2 more companies that they are doing business as. and They have also gotten a new phone number 888-309-8747 instead of the phone number that it appears that they have been using 800-520-0289 and there is also this number 800 520-8171 that supposedly is connected to the LLC. It may seem that I don't need all of this information, in a complaint, but I want others to be warned of this company and all of the problems they have caused all of us.

  • Gr
      14th of Oct, 2008
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    This group of criminals has been stealing from people for many years now, with the same schemes. We lost $25, 000 with Michelle, always promised tickets or refunds, and never delivered.

    For more info, please contact me, or search on google for stop travel agent scam bdn

  • Fr
      1st of Dec, 2008
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    We paid 3 tickets worth $4300 from an agent at She calls herself Pam Jo . These tickets were paid for for by a wire transfer to a bank of america account. Below are the details of the account

    Payable to : LMT
    Account number: 03060 02623.
    Account in California.

    I have filed a report with BBB of LA and BBB of NM. I have also filed a report with the police. We need to stop this criminals from stealing from anybody. I suggest everybody to file a statement with their local authority and email them a copy of this blog. Also send a copy of the this blog to BBB and also Bank of America.

  • Gr
      7th of Jun, 2016
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    Lastminutefares, Its, Lowest - Tickets - Travel fraud
    Lastminutefares, Lowest-fares, ITS, lowest-tickets
    United States

    This company, under a variety of different names, has scammed dozens of people out of their money.

    Avoid at all costs.

    Search around on the web, for stop travel agent scams, BDN, ITS or their other names.
    Lastminutefares, Lowest-fares, ITS, lowest-tickets, lastminutetickets.

    Only buy travel from registered travel agencies.

  • Rk
      7th of Jun, 2016
    0 Votes

    These people are out there to scam people with impresive websites. That's all they are, and nothing less. I just lost US$7000 I paid to NML Inc. (aka Lowest-Tickets) for ticktes of four and I saw no tickets in the end. They stopped replying my inqury emails and phone calls. I had to rebook the flights with another travel Agent. Pure stealing Idiots. Pamela, with an indian (asian) accent is the one doing the so game. I believe, very soon they will be with a new website, phone numbers, under a different name. Just don't attempt to ask for any quote online, unless you are sure with whom you are dealing with.

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