Laser Ink Direct / Unfair business practice

1 South Africa

Telesales agent called to promote cartridges. At that stage we didn't need them but an agent was so persistent and made us to buy one. After a while we started receiving parcels one by one without us not placing any orders. We contacted them and said that we don't need their cartridges and asked not to send any, but they insisted that there was a big order placed which must be completed otherwise they will charge us for discount received on such an order. So their sales manager Isador said that he can cancel the dispatch but will send us an invoice on the discount they granted which will be counted to more than R 5000. We asked to give us a proof that such an order was ever placed, Isador said that they have recordings and since we started paying for the cartridges it would mean that we agreed on both - an order and an discount. Non of their invoices never shown any discount and never it was mentioned in thelephonic conversation. It was actually a big surprise to learn that the price we paid was already 25% less than an original one. And the main question to them is: If they insist they gave us a discount of 25%, why their invoices never reflected any as it supposed to be according to accounting standards? Other words, these people are simply taking a chance, but forget that their reputation is very important. NEVER BUY FROM THEM!!!

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