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Got scammed into buying a necklace. Told one price charged a higher price. Very high price necklace more than $400 for cheap silver plated fake diamond necklace. Price was not visible on necklace. Sales person was wearing the necklace and I liked it. She quoted a lower price then when I said I liked it she took it off and quickly rang it up. Asked me to fill out my email info. still no price was showing. When transaction was complete she told me about the warranty, but said NOTHING about the refund policy! Later the same day upon see the price on my bank acct went to ask for a refund and was told I could only do an exchange or get store credit. Talked to Lorraine in corporate who told me I could not get my money back as well. Had I know this from the beginning there would have been no way I would have purchased anything! I am retired and on a fixed income. There is no way I would buy something
this costly especially fake jewelry! I could have to Tiffany and get real jewelry for these prices. Should be against the law to sell fake jewelry for these prices! These people are real swindlers! They use high pressure sales tactics to reel you in. NEVER SHOP THERE...NEVER...DON'T DO IT!!! BE WARNED!!!

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    Lies, still- there was NO where to sign. This was a quick switch scheme! This was a debit transaction. No receipt to sign! The price I heard was $125. There was NO price tag on the this piece of jewelry so I could have been told anything. The sales ladies was wearing it!!! Who even know if it was brand new! When the sales person was confronted to ask about this transaction from my friend and I she admitted to saying one price and charging another. I was NOT told upfront about a return policy. The price of the transaction was NOT shown until the transaction was completed. At this time is was already too late to change anything because guess what...THERE IS NO REFUND. You people are running a shady operation. And that is the bottom line! Why would I what to exchange for more jewelry from this place when I didn't want the piece I had! Completely ludicrous! You people are shady! I stand by my complaint and have witnesses to prove it!!! Don't deal with this company!!! If could give you 0 stars or negative stars I would!!! Shady!!!

Jun 04, 2018
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  • La
      Jun 12, 2018

    The information this consumer provided is not entirely correct. When she purchased the necklace she would have signed the receipt. The necklace was 50% off. I was confused as to how she did not know what the cost of the item was? When you pay by credit card you have to sign, and when you sign the total amount is printed above where you sign. The sales person charged the correct price, she could not charge any other amount than what she charged. If she had checked the receipt she would have clearly seen the cost and would have that opportunity to change her mind.

    Landau does not return monies to a consumer if purchased at store level. This is company policy and it will never change. We can replace an item or give a store credit. Bottom line. The return exchange policy is right at the register. Also it is clearly written on all the receipts. If the consumer neglects to read either the receipt or notices that are posted then it is their error and not the stores.

    Landau is not a fine jewelers, on the other hand Tiffany's is a fine jewelers. Landau sells costume jewelry and does not profess to sell other than costume jewelry.

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