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Lance Puig + York Street Properties / False Representations + Payment Scam

1 100 Crescent Court, Box 700Dallas, TX, United States Review updated:
Contact information:
Phone: 800-886-6090

Investors, Tenants, Potential Tenants, Contractors - BEWARE - this company and it's ownership should be avoided if you value your investments, good credit and personal or business security. Here are a few reasons, please feel free to do your own research - JUST BE SURE YOU DO - Lance Puig and York Street Properties, York Street Homes, York Street Investments and the numerous LLC's this organization operates under have caused 100's thousands of dollars of loss, 100's of wasted hours and countless heartaches for good people:

1) Debts and returns on investment are not honored in a timely fashion, if at all.
2) If you're tenant don't believe if you rent a home expecting to buy it that you ever will. It's a false promise - ask existing tenants.
3) If you're an investor; don't believe you are getting a safe, reliable, well maintained investment - ask past investors.
4) If you're a contractor; don't give this company or Lance Puig any credit - he does not pay.
5) Don't believe what you read on the website(s), in blogs or on radio shows. Icons are unauthorized, statements are false & exaggerated.
6) Don't believe mortgages (in your name) will be paid or debts for services will be paid - they won't be.

Here's a few examples of fact:
a) There are numerous lien filings, small claims filings and court filings against this company and Lance Puig. The subjects are wide
ranging (non-payment, fraud, etc). He gets contractors to remodel houses, then doesn't pay them - $1 Mil of examples cab be given
b) Investors have lost their investments due to non-payment of mortgages.
c) The BBB has not been paid and the "Online Accredited Business" icon is misleading at best.
d) The numerous bank links on the website are being used without authorization.
e) The claim that Lance Puig comes from 3 generations of real estate investors is pure embellishment.
f) Lance Puig hires people in the Philippines to write comments and compliments in blogs. They are not real.
g) An leading figurehead of the company and personal advisor to Lance Puig is an federal ex-con: Middle=&LastName=BACHER&Race=U&Sex=M&Age=&x=79&y=8. This shows in everything they do, Lance Puig just hasn't been
imprisoned - yet.
h) Lance Puig/York Street Properties is not a member of the TAA or local apartment assoc. That makes all leases signed with the TAA
lease agreements invalid. According to law, the tenant has a right not to honor agreement/no legal protection for investor.
i) A majority of properties remain vacant because they're in bad, un-leasable condition. The company is broke.
j) Houses are purchased at REO prices (50%), then sold to investors for 90% with minimum remodeling to justify that price.
k) Resale, should the investor be faced with that, is impossible at 90% - not to mention the probable liens on the property.
l) The 40% profit (j, above) is used to support Lance Puig's unjustified lifestyle and foreign online labor (paid at $5/hour).

There are many cases of fraudulent and/or misleading business practices utilized by Lance Puig and York Street Properties, et al. Do you homework before doing any sort of business with this man or his companies. Better yet, why take the risk? In today's economy it's difficult enough to make your hard earned dollars and credit work for you - why add dealing with a broke, unscrupulous and unethical partner to the mix? Don't believe what you read - Lance Puig is a professional at making things look one way, when his representations don't paint the real picture. Last reports have he and his family hiding in their house to avoid process servers.

Do your homework - there's too much to list here - don't leave any stone unturned if you need to prove to yourself that investing with Lance Puig/York Street Properties is a bad move. Don't leave any stone unturned before deciding to do business of any sort with this man and his companies - and if you do; get your money in advance - get your own attorney to verify all contracts - be sure you are protected to minimize loss when the "good faith agreements" are inevitably broken.

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  • Al
      24th of Aug, 2009
    -45 Votes

    Only accredited investors are asked to invest in these sort of deals. Why would an accredited investor post this sort of 'complaint' anonymously? These are serious charges. If they are to be taken seriously whoever is making them should feel comfortable using his/her name.

  • Re
      24th of Aug, 2009
    +43 Votes

    It sounds like this person has some inside information on the way Lance Puig and York Street Properties operates. Perhaps the Texas State Attorney General should be contacted to look into the matter further?

  • Da
      25th of Aug, 2009
    +42 Votes

    I am a Dallas based investor who also works full-time to support my family. I see opportunities all over town and began looking into companies/persons that I could partner with. In my initial searches; Lance Puig, York Street Properties and York Street Homes came up frequently. So I started looking into the company.

    My research included the BBB, banks, appraisers, court filings, looking at York Street Properties houses for rent, talking to a couple of renters/aspiring buyers, company employees (they like to talk - disgruntled, earnest or otherwise), County Sheriff's (process servers), a few of the individuals that had posted complaints on the internet, amongst others.

    What I discovered motivated me to publish a few of the things I found out. Perhaps then, any hard working investor or company thinking about providing services to Lance Puig and companies would have a place to start their own research (so that an informed opinion and decision could be made on their own). The facts are easily verifiable.

    Would I like to reveal my name in this forum? NO THANK YOU. After my first posting I was able to confirm that Lance Puig had allowed homes and investments of friends, business colleagues and family (including his mother) to be foreclosed on due to non-payment of mortgages. That's in addition to the numerous people he has already destroyed. Disregard for the lives, security and well being of people doing business with Lance Puig seems to be a recurring theme. Would I like to subject my family, home personal security to potential harm needlessly - NO! - my finding do not warrant that sort of trust in Mr. Puig. What I found was chilling.

    Perhaps an earlier poster, Reidar Klaumann, has a good idea. It's possible that the State Attorney General would be interested in the financial affairs of Mr. Puig. I, however, do not have an actionable claim as I made a decision to stay away from his dealings. Here's contact information for those interested. There seems to be a lot of people harmed or mislead, perhaps a group effort would offer some protections or satisfactions:
    Attorney General Greg Abbott:
    Main agency switchboard (512) 463-2100
    Consumer Protection Hotline (800) 621-0508

    I'm an above average earner, family man and hard working person trying my best to cope (if not profit from) the bad economy our nation, state and community faces. It's a time to work together, not work against one another. This also includes sharing information that could help fellow community members avoid a potentially hurtful situation. There are numerous credible facts available (as stated in my first post) and the focus of attention should be on those facts, not attacks on yours truly - which is what several of the above posters have decided to do (or perhaps one poster - Lance Puig using different names). Check the facts; check with BBB, check with TAA, talk to numerous service suppliers, contact tenants in York Street Properties homes, verify county records, speak with banks, there are many channels for credible information.

    Our country is a beautiful place; we can express our opinions and make decisions freely. The internet and regulatory agencies make it possible to discuss, interact and take appropriate action. For me, I am walking away from Lance Puig and companies. For the parties already harmed, they may like to "band together" and act as they see fit. I hope this forum and my postings help somebody.

    Good Luck and Best Regards,

    Dallas Investor

  • Re
      26th of Aug, 2009
    +41 Votes

    I 2nd all your comments and can affirm that from my experience, they are all true. Many people, investors and tenants have been hurt by this company and this man. There is a class action lawsuit being formed concurrently.

  • La
      26th of Aug, 2009
    +41 Votes

    I am a contractor that was repeatedly asked to do work for York Street Properties, but then never paid. Collection efforts were thwarted by this company and my calls, letters and emails were never returned. I went to their "offices" at 100 Crescent Court, "Suite 700" but that turns out to be nothing more than a Regus rental office where they rent a mailbox for $100 a month or so. Unbelievable and very frustrating to have found this out after the fact. This company and it's ownership talk-up such a big story over the phone and online, it all seems empty now that I know the facts.

    Talking with other contractors at job sites and online word has quickly spread around the Dallas Metroplex that this company and its leadership are bad news. Most of us wanted to keep quiet and have a little patience in hopes of getting paid, but that's not working and over a year has passed in my case !!! Lots of investors that were having problems in the past are now going great, what's up with this guy? Did he just think we'd get tired and go away? We don't have all the facts yet but we're building a group to get them, support each other, compare notes, make an action plan, perhaps share legal fees, broadcast warnings to other unsuspecting contractors and hopefully get some money back.

    If you're interested in joining our group, send an email to:

    Contractors, investors, anybody who's been screwed by Lance Puig and York Street Properties are welcome. Please send your complete contact details, the nature of your claim and the amount. This information will be held in the strictest confidence and we'll be screening every email carefully to make sure the York Street Properties cronies don't try to sneak into our group. Please pass this along to anybody that these yo-yo's might owe money to.

    The Happy Plumber

  • Ys
      26th of Aug, 2009
    +41 Votes

    I totally agree with what has been said by the Dallas investor. I bought some houses from them, 1 stayed vacant for a year, the other 2 have repairs that the company knew aobut but never repaired and now would costs thousands of dollars to fix up. They also tried to get me to pay for repairs that were never made and I verified this with my tenants. He has scammed people all over the US. I have all of my houses going into foreclosure and have went from excellent credit to poor credit. He also kept the rent that the tenants were paying and didn't turn this over to me so that I could pay the mortgages.

  • Ji
      26th of Aug, 2009
    +41 Votes

    i too was scammed. i might suggest going after his father. i believe he is a developer. hit him where it hurts.

    i would be glad to talk to anyone about this scam artist.

    my email is

  • Pa
      27th of Aug, 2009
    +41 Votes

    I can only agree with those who have been scammed by this guy Lance Puig!! I decided back in 2007 that I would no longer continue to do business with this worthless individual & his (Phantom) Company of York Street Properties. I was on the phone trying to collect the money he owed me almost as often as I was at the properties he had my Company do work on. Let alone the sub-contracters I needed to pay out of pocket as well such as, Certified Electricians & Plumbers for the work I needed them to preform that is only allowed by the State of Texas. I spent countles days making efforts to get paid & getting the run around from then Construction coordinator (Jaime Reyne) whom was also just as much at fault for the deception that was being directed through him by Lance Puig. I was at times owed up to 10-15, 000 dollars at a time & getting the run around on when it was going to be paid. They would constantly change up the way they were going to go about paying me & other Contractors in order to buy them time to get you frustrated enough to just give up or move on. I actually went out to a property in Richardson & Removed the Double Door Entry that we installed & left it wide open in a rain storm for 8 days until I received the payment for doing the other work on the interior of that property. I asked Lance repeatedly for payment & Jaime & whom ever would answer the phone for weeks & sometimes months just to get paid & then without even paying me for what they owed, they would actually ask me to go do another job...haha I mean these people were rediculous in the way they conducted business. When I decided we would no longer do ANY business with this joker Lance Puig & York Street Properties he still owed my Co. over $11, 000.00 dollars & even If he decided to pay we were no going to touch anything that he wanted us to do. I have never recieved payment for what he owes me & my Co. nor do I ever believe I will but, I am glad that finally someone has got together a site for which we can perhaps ban together in efforts to go after this individual & put him out of business like he has done to so many others.

    If anyone wants to reach me you can about this matter:

  • It
      27th of Aug, 2009
    +42 Votes

    I am a principal of a vendor company that did work for York Street Properties. Lance Puig and York Street Properties screwed us for the highest amount of non-payment in our company's history. It was just under $20K. Yes it is partly our fault for extending good faith credit and services to this weasel. I hope this man and his cohort thieves land in jail where they belong for their thievery. The man pictured below belongs in a orange jump-suit.

  • La
      27th of Aug, 2009
    +42 Votes

    Jimbo101 seems to have an intersting idea. Do you have the contact information for Lance Puig's father?

  • Wm
      27th of Aug, 2009
    +41 Votes

    His father is a Dallas radiologist with a rather large real estate portfolio. He has paid for Puig's attorney and work-out specialist, but it would be nigh impossible to squeeze him for any $$$, UNLESS... he thought that his precious little boy might do some jail time.

    The problem in getting any civil damages is if the attorney general ordered restitution be made to the victims.

    All of Puig's assets are in LLCs or corporations. You couldn't pierce the corporate or LLC veil unless you could prove fraud.

    Good luck to us all!

  • It
      27th of Aug, 2009
    +41 Votes

    WMurphy since his assets are real properties is it practical to get leans on his properties or the LLC owned properties. It would seem that would place him in a bind when he wants to sell his primary assets? I am not an expert on this, what do you think?

  • It
      27th of Aug, 2009
    +41 Votes

    Here is a link to copy & paste for more info:

  • It
      27th of Aug, 2009
    +42 Votes

    Dallas CAD is showing these properties still owned by York Street Properties.

    Does anyone know if we can get a lean on these properties?

    Property Address City Owner Name / Business Name Total Value Type






  • La
      27th of Aug, 2009
    +41 Votes

    ItsZep, I believe that you can file a lien on any property prior to formal foreclosure. Intuition says you should do this very quickly.

    I know there is work being done behind the scenes already, but perhaps we should also open up the topic of criminal proceedings being filed against Lance Puig? You can bet he's trying to figure out ways to hide behind "corporate veils". However, he can also be help personally and criminally liable according to legal counsel... certainly the State of Texas doesn't want this kind of a character to show-up again, cheat people and with a sad face say "oh, geeee, I failed again - sorry".

    PS: I'm just advised that another company used to buy houses was Green Street LLC, though I'm sure there are more. You might like to have a look at all the buying entities if you can.

  • Bm
      27th of Aug, 2009
    -32 Votes

    I have been working for YSP for almost 2 years now. Before YSP I been dealing with a lot of outsource company and most of them don't pay and if ever they do the salary is really low. We are getting a lot of bonuses here and YSP is very generous to us. So I was shocked when someone is saying that YSP is not paying - that is so untrue. There might be a delay for other vendors cause there is a process they need to follow before releasing money but they still get their pay.

    Without YSP I will not be able to support my Family. We are 8 kids in the family and imagine how YSP can help me to survive our everyday expenses. We help people we make their dreams happen it cannot happen overnight but still we make it happen.

    I am not saying all these because I am working for YSP, I am saying this because this is really what is happening. Almost every day I talk to Lance, I can see how he wants to make things better for other people. I know his intentions are all good… he also have a family don’t forget that. He cannot please everyone here but he doesn’t deserve all this bad comments. If you have problems with YSP it’s much better to talk to us and solve the issue than spreading false accusation.


  • Cs
      27th of Aug, 2009
    -41 Votes

    I have 5 month old baby, an elderly parents and siblings to support. Doing business with york street for almost year now, Mr. Puig Never failed to pay me on time. Almost a year now working in York street has been a life saver not only to me but also to my family.
    That is is why it is hard for me to believe all the bad thing they are saying to the company and to Mr. Puig, it is so unfair and biased especially when you know first hand it is
    not true and exaggerated.

    CS YSP

  • Ve
      27th of Aug, 2009
    -41 Votes

    I have been a vendor for YSP since 2007 and my experience has been very positive. Even during the tough economic situation that the world is going through Lance Puig has honored his commitment with me and has always paid me on time. I also know that he is a fair and reasonable person and that there are many people, as I am, happy to working with him. He has given numerous opportunities to others to make money and it is sad to see so many lies, without any proof, being written here.

  • Br
      27th of Aug, 2009
    -43 Votes

    URGENT I am a Dallas based General Contractor and have worked with York Street Properties and Lance Puig for over 5 years. I am proud of the work I have done on these houses. I am personally offended by the above comments that my product is sub-par ….or that York delivers properties that are sub standard. I spend a lot of my personal time making sure that the work I do is top quality!

    The design (trim, paint, fixtures, countertops, etc) are MUCH better than average for the neighborhoods. I don’t know anyone else for example who puts all stainless appliances in these rentals. I can guarantee you that the tenants (and I have seen this over and over) don’t expect this when they walk in….and they fall in love with my work instantly.

    I have found York to be very organized and always finding new ways to make a better product for the tenants.

    Unlike the other negative posts here….I am going to leave my REAL NAME. I have nothing to hide (unlike others who are taking pot shots at York).
    Brenda Alvarez
    General Contractor
    Dallas, TX

  • La
      27th of Aug, 2009
    +41 Votes

    Brenda - the IP picked-up in your registration was from the Philippines, not Dallas! Better luck next time with this continued feast of deception.

    It appears that Lance Puig now knows this posting is here and he's mobilized "the troops".

    The facts are here and we all know it. It's a darn shame that the financial hardships and sorrows inflicted on investors, service providers and other good, hard working people in the United States may now have an effect on the employees of York Street Properties in the Philippines. Here, in the United States, many have lost their livelihoods, homes, cars, assets and even marriages over Lance Puig's mis-deeds. It now appears the sadness, for all concerned, is international. You might like to start looking for new jobs to prepare yourself - that warning is more than many people got, so at least you have a chance to start over before the end is a surprise.

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