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Our caseworker told my boyfriend they "butted heads" because he was Catholic and kept going on and on about how she hates and can't stand Catholic's. Continued by telling my mom that if it wasn't for my boyfriend I would've had the baby back weeks ago now that my boyfriend is no long living with me because my parents got us evicted from our house because my grandpa owns it, they are still making up reasons why they will not let me have my child unsupervised. Now I need to finish my drug and alcohol outpatient and give more clean drug screens. Which I never gave them a dirty one! They keep telling me one thing and doing another I smoked weed once and admitted it to them. My very first urine wasn't even dirty and they still are making me suffer without my child for over 60 days now.

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      4th of Dec, 2018

    My daughter had a drug problem and as a result her two children, both under the ages of 3 years old were taken and put into the cys program. She has under gone drug rehab in 4 different programs and 2 mental health programs. The original drug charge, possesion of drugs, has been down graded to to paraphanalia charge. Every program that cys has required her to complete has been completed. This has been going on for 16 months and 2 months ago they required her get her own apartment, which she has done. They ordered another mental health program after the 2 previous completions stated she doesn't have any issues. The fact is that cys gets federal dollars for children in the system, and that is the reason they won't give her children back. Her only crime was she was high in the car with the children in there. The punishment doesn't fit the crime. Now they said 3 more months. We have had enough. kids were taken in july 2017 and now it is december 2018. Cys is a corrupt place that needs serious looking into.

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