LabCorpunqualified and unprofessional

C Sep 04, 2014 Pasadena

I took my one year old son to the Labcorp in Pasasdena, Texas off Fairmont and to start the minute I walked in it was dusty/dirty in there.Second there was only one lady in there and might I add she was unproffesional with her LONG gaudy nails that could be unsanitary and she spoke to me with slang!
Third I made it clear when setting the appointment that it was for a baby and she was unqualified but I was unaware of this till she couldn't find a vein. The so called phlebotomist then gabbed the needle in my babys arm as I hold him down and his arm out. She still couldn't find the vein so she decides to wiggle it back and forth and in and out!!! Fishing is the term used for this and can harm my baby.
After I told her she was gonna hurt my baby she then admits that two people are suppose to assist with this procedure and I neede to go to another location!! Something I should of been told from the get go.
This is very unproffesional and could have caused damage to my poor child.You can only image his terror when we arrive at the second Labcorp for the same procedure in the same arm!

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