LabCorp / not able to draw blood

240 MIDDLETOWN BLVD, Langhorne, PA, United States

Do NOT go to the Labcorp lab at 240 MIDDLETOWN BLVD.,
LANGHORNE, PA for your baby's blood work. They were NOT able to draw even a
drop of blood from our baby!! Three people tried to find his vein and the last
one, Bree, who seemed to be the most experienced in the lab, inserted the
needle into his arm before she could even locate the vein. She twisted and
turned the needle in our baby for a few minutes, making him cry so hard! She
finally gave up and pulled out the needle and no blood sample was collected.
She commented that it was because he was "well-fatted." Well, his
weight is in the 90th percentile but does that mean all the babies in the 90th
percentile and above cannot get their blood samples collected? This is not the
first time our baby got his blood drawn. He had it in the hospital and the
nurses had no problems doing it. Our baby didn't stop crying until 30 minutes
after the visit. I think the twisting and turning of the needle in his arm made
him sore. It was a horrible experience and a waste of our time and energy! We
had to take time off from work to go to the lab and we spent 50 minutes there,
nothing accomplished and our baby was hurt.

Aug 29, 2014

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