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Kudos Cattery / Bad service

United States Review updated:
I recently purchased 2 himalayan kittens from kudos cattery in october the proprietor jacqueline jefferies sold the kittens with upper resperitory problems as well as ringworm the reason i know this is the kingston ontario humane society has told me her cattery is infested with.


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  21st of Feb, 2009
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This is a bogus complaint! Kudos Cattery never dealt with a party by the name of Diana Gunnerson
  21st of Feb, 2009
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This is a bogus/fake complaint, Kudos cattery has never dealt with a person named Diana Gunnerson I challeng this fake to provide proof or her dealings with this cattery
  29th of Mar, 2009
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i have seen and agree with the origional statment, she also has problems with registration, you can see the ringworm on her website, when i came home from her place i burned my clothes, jacquine you cant fool everyone about the ringworm, some people know better, same with the upper respiratory
  30th of Mar, 2009
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No problem with registration. The parties in question did not purchase the kittens as registered or purbred and even if they had they failed to comply with the requiremnents to receive registration papers for the pet kittens they got. As for your other comment hmmm what a crock of bilarney.. you don;t even know the breeder's correct name!! I suggest you spend your time getting an education or at very least take spelling and grammer lessons rather than wasting it on internet sites such as this!
  15th of May, 2010
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I agree with the original statement as I too were sold cats that had PKD and ringworm. It took her 3 weeks after receiving payment for her to send me my cats. Kudos Cattery is dirty and over run!
  13th of Jul, 2010
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I also agree with the original statement. I purchased a kitten from her 6 YEARS AGO. With the exact same issues! Ringworm and upper respiratory problems. Thousands of dollars were put in to save our cats life.
I can't believe that the same problem is happening after 6 YEARS. This is disgusting and shameful.
When I went to pick up my cat from her house, I was disgusted by the conditions the cats were kept in. Feces and urine were all over the small cages stacked in the kitchen that the mothers were kept in.
I'm really surprised she hasn't been shut down.
  12th of Aug, 2010
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I had the same problem with kudoscats... I heard about the cats on the kijiji ad, however in my case she told me verbally that I would get registration papers for the 2 cats purchased upon proof of neuter. The appointment for neuter was made before I even pick the cats up from Jackie Jefferies. So the time frame was not the issue, the issue was SHE LIED to me!!! I never got my registration papers from her, all I got was cursing and swearing. When I picked the cats up they stank and were covered in poop. I felt so bad for the poor things I just wanted to get them away from her care, or lack thereof. I was not allowed to pick the cats up from where the cats lived, I had to pick them up in a car pool lane. She would not tell me where she lived nor would she let me see the conditions she was raising her cats in. One of these cats died weeks after taking him home. The vet proved that he died of something genetic, but Jacki Jefferies of kudoscats@yahoo.com just told me my vet was incompetent. The surviving cat has already had 2 surgeries due to genetic caused illnesses.
  11th of Mar, 2013
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she is still breeding, its now koodos cattery
  18th of Feb, 2014
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Please tell me this woman is not still in business... I too purchased a cat from her about 6 years ago and the poor thing has had chronic health issues her whole life, respiratory issues, digestive, an like many of your experiences ringworm also. At some point these must be some accountability from her! These poor animals are suffering.

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