Krogerunethical behaviour

Dec. 12 2018, 10:24 am. I was taking 12 pk. caffeine free can cokes off the shelf when a Coke employee came up behind me with more to replace what I was taking. He said I don't know why you are taking them off the shelf instead of getting them from the display pointing behind me. I said I did't see them usually they are not there. He said they are always there I'm here every day. I said well I didn't see the display. He said the woman before you did the same thing taking them off the shelf.
I said I feel like I'm being scolded for buying your product. I would think that was job security.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Lake City, GA He said if I was scolding you I would have said put those back and get them off the display. He said something else but I don't remember what it was. Then I said I didn't see them!! He walked off.
I certainly did not expect to be treated that way by someone who worked for the product I was buying. I did report it to the manager on duty (Teresa) who asked me who it was I said I didn't get his name. He was older African American man tall and thin with glasses and graying hair. She said I know who it is. I will have a talk with him as soon as I get the chance. They were very busy at the time.

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