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Kroger / customer service

1 4488 Electric Rd Salem, VA 24018, United States

I appreciate Kroger, I really do. The prices are affordable and near home. But one thing Kroger has to do is remain professional. ...Treat all customers the same. When a customer that happens to be a former employee comes in, DO NOT USE THAT AS AN OPPORTUNITY TO BUMBARD THEM WITH PERSONAL QUESTIONS. Questions like where do you work? Where do you live? Did you get married yet?...Those are just examples...Instead, as did you find what you needed sir/ misses?...I should not have to remind employess when I come in that I don't want to talk about work or other personal things. Kroger wants to know where I work because the chick there that has been there forever is scared that her job is in jeporday. So everytime I come in, we gotta play mind games. Mind your business. Ring my stuff up and smile, that's it. I don't want to tell Kroger my life story. My life don't revolve around the fact that I don't or do work there. What happenned to real customer service.? I feel like the FBI is on my tail when I come in chill. Just ring and smile.

Jan 29, 2019

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