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Kool Smiles / abuse

I am new to the area and this office had just opened. I was a walk in patient and very pleased with the loOK of this office. My child is 5 and was due for a cleaning. We checked in at 9:30 for our 9:45 appointment with a woman with very short blond hair. This lady was rude and was more interested in her cell phone than answering my questions. We were seen at 10. The assistant who greeted us was very friendly, my daughter even grabbed her hand. First thing while back there were x-rays. She was unable to cooperate with x-rays because of her gag reflex, not behavior. The assistant continued being friendly saying "Its OK sweetheart, you're little mouth is just too small for our big pictures!" I was very impressed. Then we were greeted by a hygienist who was smiling ear to ear. My daughter talked to her and let her clean "her pretty little teeth". The hygienist told me her teeth loOKed good and she didn't see any cavities but the doctor would be over soon to loOK. The doctor came over after 20 minutes of waiting, introducing herself. "Hi Mom, I'm doctor Mona. Nice meeting you". By this time I was very pleased with our experience until ... Doctor Mona put on her mask, glasses, then gloves. (Touching her hair with her gloves) I was disgusted but didn't want to correct her. She then began counting Aubrey's teeth. She started calling things out for the assistant to chart and then set the chair up and let my child pick a toy. She told me my child had 6 cavities and would need stainless steel caps. She also said the child would need sealants to prevent cavities. The hygienist just told me she saw nothing. I'm shocked so I asked the Doctor to show me the cavities on the xrays. Her reply "You cannot see them as they are small." Then walks away. The assistant comes to be explaining the treatment plan and needing a signature. While explaining, she states these teeth need caps because they have large cavities and the cavities are between her teeth. I tell her the doctor just told me they were small... she replied she was unsure but would find out. I was then offered same day treatment. Oh how I should have said no...but I said yes. My child was terrified and crying and all Doctor Mona did was scream at her to stop crying. She then proceeded to give my child a shot and she was moving her head everywhere because she didn't want the shot. Doctor then told me about a papoose, and I quickly declined. She numbed my daughter by having the assistant hold her head still.. my daughter had a large bubble on her lip and the doctor told me it was normal and would go away. She drilled as soon as she finished numbing (not letting it soak in or anything) and my daughter screamed the whole time. I was crying because I was so upset and asked for my daughter to be let up so we could leave, the doctor declined saying "we are almost done". She finished and let my 5 year old up...who was dripping sweat, blood red from crying, a large bubble under her nose, and a big nick on her cheek from the drill... From this moment on, I knew I was never coming back! I toOK the xrays to another doctor in town, Dr. Boren, who stated none of these teeth needed treatment, and baby teeth do not need sealants. I continue to go to him and my daughter absolutely loves him.

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