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Knuckle Up Fitness / Ripped me off

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I used to be a member with Knuckle Up Fitness until I canceled it when I moved. All of a sudden my bank account was charged $49 which was months after it was canceled. Because of this charge, it caused overdraft fees. I called the gym and they gave me a contact. This woman said she would contact the owners and would let me know but I never heard from her again. I emailed her yet again, and still, nothing. This is bad business ethics and Knuckle Up Fitness does not want to be responsible for taking people's money and not paying them back. You would think the way the economy is that they would be a little more mindful but they don't care, they just want your money. The gym isn't all that great to begin with! If you join, good luck! It's a total rip-off!

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  • Ba
      3rd of Feb, 2009
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    I am in the process with them now I called them to cancel the membership in Nov of 08 and they told me to call there billing company. I called them and they advised they would cancel it and I had to make two payments until finally not reciveing anymore bills. Then this month they send me a freakin late notice saying I owe a payment for Dec and Jan it is a apparent new company now and does not handle cancelations. Knuckle Up is such a mis managed joke if I have ever seen one. I have belonged to numerous gyms and each one had its very minor flaws but nothing as mis managed as this company.

  • Ma
      6th of Mar, 2009
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    The problem is actually ASF international. ASF is the old Billing Company that used to handle the billing fo Knuckleup. They were pissed when Knuckleup switched companies so they sent information to the new company that caused a bunch of peoples accounts to be turned back on as a ploy to hurt Knuckleups business and reputation. I was able to reach Knuckleup executives and get a full expanation and a refund as well as two free months on the end of my membership for the inconvenience. Knuckleup was just flooded with calls for the first two weeks but they have a good handle on the issues now and are not hard to get a hold of. Google ASF and you will see that they are notorious for ###ing people over and have severall pending lawsuits.

  • Ja
      7th of Mar, 2009
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    Knuckle up is in bankruptcy due to Chris stoltzman (the CEO, ) lack of integrity. They WILL rip you off if you let them. DO NOT use this club! ASF is only part of the problem besides, did knuckle up fire ASF or did ASF fire knucle up due to non-payment?

    People like this should not be allowed to open another business anywhere. Be warned!

  • Up
      8th of Jul, 2009
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    This place is horrible! I had my account discontiued due to a heart problem and the woman didn't believe that 31 year old female could have a heart problem! I sent my doctor records and his note they said ok. It has been seven months not and "Randy" calls to tell me I am in collections and I need to pay now. I told him what happened and he said it is not his problem I need to call corporate. Left 1o messages for them and they do not call back. I am so angry right now!

  • Mi
      13th of Jul, 2009
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    I have experienced the same problems with Knuckle Up Fitness. Followed all the necessary steps to cancel and they still are trying to charge me. Three years later and they are still harassing me. What is the deal with these people!!! Now the billing department in Colorado, Palomar Associates, are saying they never received anything years ago and stating that and I better pay or else. I've already gone through hoops with these people years ago and they still keep resisting.

  • Fe
      20th of Jul, 2009
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    So I've been advised that KnuckleUp has new owners and they are closing some of their gyms including the location where I usually work out. I now have to travel to Sandy Springs which is 25 miles away from my residence and because I initially joined at Sandy Springs, I am unable to cancel my membership. What?? Doesn't my contract state that if I'm 25 or more miles away, I can be released?? Now there are additonal rules? I am so over this place...

  • Lo
      19th of Aug, 2009
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    I had a similar experience to that described above. I had a nonrenewable one year contract. After the year ended, I noticed I was still getting billed. I called Knuckle Up but the voicemail box was always full. Then, I disputed the charges and was reimbursed.

    Months later (last month), I was contacted by their collection agency (Palomar). Every day, twice daily, Palomar or ABC Financial, or whatever other name they do business as, called me on my cell phone but never left voicemails. Every time I tried to return the call, I was put on hold for 30 minutes. Finally, I reached them and explained my contract. I was told that the contract automatically renewed. (Can someone please explain what nonrenewable means, then?). I spoke for hours, sat on the phone on hold for hours, trying to reach the right party to resolve my account, each company alleging someone else was responsible for the account. I still don't know if it's resolved. I faxed them my contract, and I hope that will be the end of it.

  • Am
      28th of Sep, 2009
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    I am experiecing the same issue with Knuckle Up. They charged me $69 for 4 months and are now telling me that I am not going to be reimbursed for anything prior to July of 2009 since the "old company" who owned Knuckle Up went out of business. IF, they say, things can be worked out to get my account out of collections with Polomar, I may be reimbursed for charges after July, but not before. I have in writing where I cancelled my account through ASF. This has been a huge mess and I am really tired of it. They told me the same story about my account "auto renewing." ABC Financial argued with me that I only cancelled the auto-renew portion of my contract, but not the contract itself. But if the account is not longer set to "auto renew" and I don't renew it, it shouldn's renew, right??!?!?

  • Tr
      28th of Jul, 2011
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    Hey guys thanks for sharing your stories with me; this dirt bag of a company (Knuckle Up Fitness) is a terrible facility to do business with. Now the only reason that I renewed was because I thought the facility was great in Atlanta. After I renewed, they closed the facility. Now I did not receive any notification or anything. These people have ripped me off; after about two years from charging my checking account, I decided to sign them off, Now I received collection notices from ABC financial (whom said they would handle), nonetheless, they only transferred my account to DF (Duvera Financial) which I believe that dirt bag (richard) owns this company. Now I contacted the appropriate people in Sandy Springs and guess what, they are a separate entity. Now let me tell you, nothing good is going to happen for you because they are ripping people off. This situation is not over.

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