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kitty Charm Persians / sick kittens for sale

1 Riverdale, NJ, United States Review updated:

Sold me two sick kittens which developed severe upper respiratory infections, one almost died. She required an emergency visit to my vet and was hospitalized. Kitten was then returned to the breeder. But seller refuses to pay vet bill. The male kitten we kept has corona virus, the results of lab testing after developing severe diarrhea. She offered to take kitten back after we got the kitten healthy. Watch out for this one. Home should be inspected. It stunk of urine.

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  • Su
      22nd of Jun, 2011

    Actually, the woman above is !!)% correct! NOW i know why my kittens I purchased from this breeder did NOT live ANYWHERE NEAR the expected lifespan of a Persian cat! ANd what is even WORSE, I used to use the same vet as this breeder Kitty Charm does and THAT VET confirmed "low titers" of the corona/FIP virus at first...when I called the breeder to tell her what the vet had found (as I had JUST bought another kitten from her not so long before these symptoms popped up in my others) SHE TOLD ME SHE HAS NEVER ONCE EXPERIENCED THIS WITH ANY OF HER CATS NOR DO ANY OF HER CATS HAVE IT! Whats sad is I bought my cat within a year of the individual which posted above! OMG, I now have a 2 1/2 year old male cat that I do adore, but I am about to now have the eko cardiogram done this week as yes, he DOES have cardiomyapathy!!! My first cat drop dead out of nowhere, vet said must have been the heart. The next one I just lost a few weeks ago...he too suffered from diahrea that until they found the FIP, there was NO telling what exactly was wrong with him! He actually got BETTER after his routine dental (most likely bc of the antibiotic they use post even single tooth extraction) that I had done about 2 months ago and he was found dead on my floor. He ALSO had "the cough" of FIP infected cats...and NOW to think of it - so DO MY OTHER TWO! Oh GOD! Why didnt I see this prior to or even post about it? The breeder was always super nice and therefore, I just followed my vets instructions...I am so glad I changed vets AND read this post as I typically purchased a new kitten from her when mine passed away! Its too late for a refund for my issue...but bringing this into my home killed a very healthy dometic short hair i had for years...same FIP symptoms...found out how he died AFTER this!!! I can not believe they are in business...I guess its simply because this is the first the issue is being discussed publically...thank you for your post...I am going to take this information to my vet and see what can be done now that i see it wasnt a "fluke" incident with just the one persian...this breeder knows there is some shotty issues with the blood lines she is breeding...i just dont appreciate being lied to about it! I too would have sent the kitten back...unfortunately, we never know until that 72 hr time frame has passed...noone tests their breeder purchased animals for every disease known to mankind...its just not possible...i agree...stay away!!!

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  • Pv
      22nd of Jun, 2011

    Please let me ammend that the kitten I have is not 100 percent healthy. He is currently on Purina EN Gastro Intestinal food and probiotics. He still fights single bouts of diareaha and had been on Metronidazole for Cats for most of the time as a kitten. He also suffers from bacterial overgrowth in the intestine.

    Let me also state we had a health contract but both kittens have weakened immune systems, an upper respiritory infection almost killed the female kitten I returned to the breeder. I got the excuse "when they get sick they get really sick"...
    Insist on a negative cornona virus test from any kitten you buy from a cattery amoung other tests. Approximately 11 percent of all cats with corona virus can mutate into the FIP virus. It is extremely contagious to other cats in any house hold. FIP is not contageous once it has developed but it is fatal.

    You have more then 72 hours to return a pet. It is against the law to sell sick animals in NJ. I wrote the the BBB and was sent the direct reply from the breeder and she offered to take the male kitten back. The Attorney General said you need to take them to small claims court and have 6 months from date of purchase to do so. Symptoms of sickness do not always pop up the first week.

    My vet failed both kittens but I tried to work with the breeder, NEVER GO AGAINST YOUR VET OR FEEL SORRY FOR ANYONE!

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  • Pv
      22nd of Jun, 2011

    It is the animals I feel for, they are innocent!!! Any resonsible person should feel the same.

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  • Ma
      25th of Oct, 2011

    Darlene sold me a Champion female cate 3 years ago and I had it checked thru my vet and they did some sort of test from UC davis and it came back my cat was sick. I think it was FELV or corona virus. One of those. Id have to dig in my old vet pile. But it makes me sick that I informed her and she never even emailed me back. Always saying she was busy and sick from diabetes. Buyers please beware and do your research.

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  • Ci
      26th of Dec, 2011

    Saw breeder Kitty Charm at shows before...didn't know about the FIP cases in Kitty Charm until I read this, sounds like she is denying the problems, will definitely not buy from her...

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  • Cd
      22nd of Feb, 2012

    This breeder sold me a kitten that within not even 2 days was diagnosed with a bad upper resp infection. He was so sick that green mucous was coming out of his nose. He was wheezing so badly. He also was vaccinated with vaccinations from 2007...i just purchased him 2/2012. My vet stated vaccinations not valid they are expired. Breeder told me that they are ok and I should trust her. I contacted other agencies and vaccinations not valid. Breeder not taking responsibility...this breeder even stated that kitten had kitty sniffles...kitty sniffles a sign of infection. Why would this person not have this kitten checked before one goes to purchase. I see others have purchaed kitten from same breeder and some kittens contacted fip. I pray my little kitten does not have this. I only had him a week. Would not recommend this breeder to anyone!

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  • Ad
      18th of Aug, 2012

    Green mucous is indicative of a bacterial infection, not viral.

    There are soooo many misconceptions of both the Coronavirus(s) and FIP, they ARE NOT the same thing.
    . Coronavirus is a benign virus which causes colds in humans ( human specific) bovine, dogs the list goes on. Coronavirus itself is not deadly, BUT if a kitten has a compromised immune system it can turn to FIP, which can NOT be confirmed on a living animal. The only test to confirm a kitten has Coronavirus is a fecal or one derived directly from body cavitie fluids confirmed via PCR DNA/RNA test, that test alone does NOT confirm FIP, simply that the cat has been in contact with the Coronavirus and is shedding it, please note the coronavirus is not one single virus it is several different strains of a cold: type of virus umbrellaed under the name Caronavirus, which is why any antigen or DNA/RNA test can not quantify a predisposition to FIP or confirm FIP, as only 1 strain can turn into FIP, unless the aforementioned mutate to FIP. It is estimated nearly half of all domestic felines will have some sort of positive result if tested for Coronavirus, with varying numbers greater than that in catteries or high number households and rescues. The FIP itself is not what kills a cat or kitten it is the kitten or cats bodies immune systems overreaction which causes death, which cannot be predicted.

    While you should of received a healthy kitten from the start, it is more than probable that this kitten was positive for Coronavirus, and it mutated while in your care, and highly unlikely that it had mutated prior as it is not a spontaneous event. Unless you had your vet do a thorough exam and testing within the first few days in which you had the kitten for DNA/RNA status of Coronavirus.

    Ideally one would hope that every precautionary test has been run on her cats, and her kittens, but because of the elusive and unpinpointed nature of the Coronavirus(s) there is little protocol besides hygiene that can eradicate it in the breeding environment. It is imperative of any kitten buyer to do their due diligence when they buy a kitten, both before and after acquiring their kitten, responsibility alone does not soley fall on the breeder as once the kitten leaves they cannot control a mutation or a particular strain of virus from changing, as they themselves are not god. In turn if they have had a kitten who had any form of URI prior to placement, I believe it should be disclosed to the buyer, so they may make an informed decision.

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