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Posted: Jan 24, 2016 by    

Eye Bright - Overstatement of Ingredient Claim

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178 Paya Lebar Road #04-02
I am a regular user of Lutein supplements because I suffer from AMD (Age-Related Macula Disorder). Recently I changed to Eye Bright from Kinohimitsu (http://www.kinohimitsu.com) because it claims one sachet contained 100 mg of FloraGlo Lutein. However, my eye condition turned worse after switching to Eye Bright. I wrote to the material supplier of FloraGlo Lutein, they finally came back and said the elemental lutein in Eye Bright is only 10 mg. The content of lutein has been blatently overstated by 10 TIMES!!! I fully understand now why my eyesight worsened after switching to Kinohimitsu's Eye Bright.

I am furious why the Singapore and Malaysia Health Authority does not take serious effort to stop such unethical companies and decided to investigate deeper into KinoBiotech. I hope to alert all consumers who fall prey to this unethical company because they engage famous celebrities and brainwash consumers with overwhelming advertisements on TV, Newspapers and Internet marketing. With help from my friend who is familiar with health supplements industry in Singapore and Malaysia, here are some findings of the unethical marketing of Kinohimitsu :

(1) Kinohimitsu claim they are working as joint venture with Japanese company, but there is no such operating Japanese company can be located in Japan's business directory or internet and I cannot find this Japanese company in their annual report.

(2) Kinohimitsu claim their foot patch is FDA approved. However, I check with FDA web site, and FDA only approves drug. FDA does not approve health supplements or general consumable products such as foot patch.

(3) Kinohimitsu's product are mostly made in Taiwan or Malaysia. However, they add in the word J'pan to mislead customer to believe it is a Japanese brand or made in Japan. There is NO such brand in Japan and it is also NOT made in Japan.

(4) Most of Kinohimitsu's products do not give breakdown of the actual amount of key ingredients and sells by product claims and celebrity endorsement. Functional dosage of actives is extremely doubtful, not to mention it is also doubtful and cannot be trusted, given that the Floraglo Lutein in it's Eyebright is over claimed by 10 times as confirmed by the Floroglo maker!

(5) Most of Kinohimitsu products are sold in Singapore and Malaysia. In Malaysia, they are registered as food item without Malaysia supplement registration number. This means that whatever supplements they sell in Singapore (and same item sold as food in Malaysia) does not contain the functional dose of a supplement and is definitely highly overpriced as food.

(6) In Kinohimitsu's website, they claim they have R&D team and production facility. KinoBiotech is listed in Taiwan and its Annual Report does NOT have any Manufacturing and R&D expenses. This is the biggest scam of all!

If you are serious with your health and trust Kinohimitsu products to protect you, you will be very disappointed. A scam that the Government should take steps to stop so that consumer interest is protected.
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N  19th of Mar, 2016 by    0 Votes
Hi Esther,

I am also one who searches for supplement for eye-care. So, have you followed up on this issue? Have you also studied Ultimate Vision?

N  22nd of Mar, 2016 by    0 Votes

I have not researched each of the eye supplements in Singapore, but I do come across another scam.

It is an eye product called Lutein Gold being sold by Health Trends Singapore. It is a brand owned by Tat-Li Associates Pte Ltd

Below is the specification of Lutein Gold copied from the company web site :

Content 90 Softgels x 250mg

Ingredients (per 3 softgels)
30mg Lutein
150mg Blueberry
30mg Ginko Leaf Extract
15mg Casis
450mg DHA
9mg Beta-Carotene

It is claimed that there is 30 mg FloraGlo Lutein in total of 3 capsules. I have all along been highly interested in FloraGLO Lutein’s effectiveness on eye health due to my AMD problem and have read up about the various FloraGLO concentration and eye supplement formulas. However, based on my understanding, it is IMPOSSIBLE that Lutein Gold by Health Trends contain 30 mg FloraGLO Lutein. My rationale is as follow:

(1) There are generally 2 types of extraction ratio offered by FloraGlo Lutein 10% and 20%. The highest extraction ratio from FloraGlo lutein is 20%. At the best 20% concentration ratio, 30 mg of FloraGLO is derived from 150 mg of Marigold Flower Extract, and the content in the capsule would be 150 mg of Marigold Flower Extract (containing 20%, ie. 30 mg FloraGLO lutein.)

(2) However, the total ingredients cannot add up to the size of the 3 capsules (of 750 mg in the label). This is because the active ingredients alone (IF what is claimed in Lutein Gold is correct) would add up to 804 mg. As additives are necessary for filling the capsules (which can take up to 30% additional weight in addition to the actives of 804 mg as calculated), the total content in 3 capsules ingredient will be much higher than 750 mg. It is IMPOSSIBLE to house all active ingredients plus additives inside 3 capsules which totals 750 mg as per Lutein Gold’s label.

(3) It is NOT written on the product label that it contains 30 mg FloraGlo Lutein. It is only mentioned in the website. Any authentic product must spell out the exact content, that is only fair to customer.

(4) My CONCLUSION: The FloraGLO Lutein at the website is referring to the Marigold extract (of 30 mg), and the actual FloraGLO Lutein content (at 20% concentration) will be only 6 mg in the 3 capsules, instead of 30 mg as claimed.

I hope the Singapore government will penalize such irresponsible and misleading companies which falsify their claims to make money from un-informed consumers.
N  4th of Jul, 2017 by    0 Votes
@Esther Ng Hi esther,

I am visual handicapped and would like to take Lutein as part of my health supplmentary. I thought Kinohimitsu has 100mg of Lutein, of which, i separate the sachet into 5 days consumption so that each day i have 20 mg lutein. Thanks for your sharing, which is important to me.

The purpose of this message is may i know what brand you are taking now? Do you mind sharing?

If you can't share it online, do you mind email to me instead? yyangmom@hotmail.com, thanks

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