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Kingdom Kia / Deceptive/False Advertising

1 2600 North Bishop Ave.Rolla, MO, United States Review updated:
Contact information:
Phone: 888-794-5464

This all started with a radio commercial on KXMO 95.3. The ad for Kingdom Kia stated that they were offering Credit Amnesty to everyone and that you could bring in your current car for a trade and they would terminate your current loan EVEN if you owe $10, 000 more than the car is worth. This ad was pertaining to the Kia Soul and it stated that they were overstocked and the Souls were being sold for $12, 990.
I checked out the website and put in a credit app as well. I was contacted by Kurt Irons shortly after, he stated that I was approved for credit and that the appraisal on my current vehicle would be higher than stated on the website. Come on in and we will move forward with it.
Well, we went in and before we could even LOOK at a car, we were herded into a booth where Raymond Romine filled out our credit app for us. When he filled it out (only about 2/3 rd of the front page) he took a larger post-it note and covered the lower part with it and wrote our monthly income on it. I feel like he was covering up important information that we should have been able to read...Actually we should have been allowed to fill out the credit app on our own, but was not. While waiting on financing we still had not gotten to test drive one car, and I noticed that although the dealership was full of people, there was no one test driving anything, they were all inside doing the same thing we were. All of the prices on the Souls were in excess of $20, 000, there was no signage pertaining to the ad for Credit Amnesty or Loan Termination, or that the Souls were marked down.
Raymond Romine went outside to look at our car for trade purposes and it took him about 5 minutes to come back in and tell us that our car was not worth our payoff on it. No mention of the ad stating otherwise. This was followed by being told that we were not going to qualify for financing without adding, Me ( financed in my husbands name only) I have no income and told them so. They insisted that I be added. After it came back the 2nd time they said that we could get financed but would require several thousand dollars to do so and also to trade in our old car to be able to do this. We left very disgusted with the service.
On the way home we heard the radio ad again stating that they would do all the things they just told us they couldnt do. So I decided that I would call them and pose as a New customer that heard the ad and wanted information.
I got Paul Miller on the phone and stated that I had just heard the ad on the radio and would like details. He did not give me an answer he instead pushed for all my personal information. I asked again, what does credit amnesty mean? What are the details of the offer? He stated that I needed to come in for them to see my car and fill out an app. I asked again for details in regards to the offer, he asked what kind of car I have. I asked again for any details of the offer, before I drove all the way there I wanted to know. He asked for my email then, and I refused to give it. He said that I had to come in and that they have so many offers that he cant detail them. I said what is the credit amnesty and loan termination offer ...He gave me the run around and never gave me a straight answer. Although he wanted all my personal information he could get. He added that the deal I was inquiring about was going to end on Monday ( it was a Saturday) and if I didnt get in today then he didnt know if he could help me and I would miss out on it.
funny how he knew when the deal would end but knew absolutely nothing else about it.
We have financed a car for 2 years now that was just $4000 more than the Soul MSRP and on just my husbands credit. There should not have been a problem financing another car, especially if they were going to payoff our loan on the old car. Why would I trade in my car and then put down a huge down payment as well. I could go to any dealership and put down large cash and get a new car, without a tradein.
This dealership has alot of complaints against it and they have very shady (even for salesmen) tactics.
I have filed a complaint with the Attorney Generals office and encourage anyone else that has problems with them to do the same. If the consumer does not speak out then they will continue to profit off of lies and deceit.

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  • Hu
      1st of Jun, 2010
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    I think it is very easy for someone to go into a dealership and leave disgusted. Especially for people who cannot buy and do not want to admit to this. Every radio advertisement and commercial ad is in some way deceiving, it is the consumers responsiblility to see through this. I do not, however, agree with having to go to the dealership to find out if a person can buy or not. Through a little bit of research, i have learned that a majority of the complaints are from people who cannot buy. My question is this, if you cannot buy, then what are you doing at a dealership. Just because you have a car financed now does not mean you can finance another one, who knows whether or not you made the payments on the one you own now?

  • Wi
      28th of Sep, 2010
    0 Votes

    Radio advertising is always followed by a disclaimer. The disclaimer is kept fast and quiet so people pay more attention to the ad than the disclaimer. The Attorney General will do nothing as long as that disclaimer is in place. As for vehicle pricing, the Manufacturer that builds the vehicle will state the bare bones basic vehicle price as a starting point. If you want crank windows, no radio, no ac, manual, etc, that extremely low price is the price you will pay. So yes, a Kia Soul may indeed start around $13, 000.00 The rest is just a bunch of chatter. People need to realize if one dealership tells you your not able to buy and here are the reasons why, then maybe, just maybe you should look at your situation and find a way to fix it before trying again. Just a thought.

  • Ho
      22nd of Mar, 2013
    0 Votes

    My goodness this sounds so familiar! I recently went in also thinking they already knew my credit. I was also VERY UPFRONT about how bad my credit was and was told "no problem financing is the easiest part" I begged them not to waste my time and gas money to drive 120 miles round trip if the answer was going to be $1000s down. I just don't have it. I thought I would be able to sit down with the people I had been corresponding with and told to ask for as I assumed they had all my credit information and we could move forward from there. I too was accosted in the parking lot by a salesman BUT he immediately addressed my friend (the driver a man) and never even acknowledged me until he asked if we had been working with anyone. When I told him who I was working with and who I was told to ask for he said "I'm Paul and I'm a salesman, John's busy with another client I'll get Claudine" I told him I would wait, I only wanted to speak with John or Brittany. He ignored me continued his sales pitch to my ride until he told him listen buddy I'm not the buyer she is. It was horrible he never got John or Brittany they never had my credit information and after several hours and 2 salesmen later told me exactly what I begged them not to waste my time and gas money telling me. I begged them to not drag me up there with promises they can't deliver on. I begged them to be honest with me. If they can't deliver on their promises of $0 down and low payments I would move on and purchase a car in the only other way available to folks in my financial position. So, huh2k10

  • Ho
      22nd of Mar, 2013
    0 Votes

    So, huh2k10 not all of us go into a dealrship unaware of our ability to purchase! I made it abundantly clear that I would be stunned if they could pull it off. I told them every last gory detail about my credit and personal financial situation and they still told me no problem financing is the easiest part! So while you're sitting there on your high horse defending the shady tactics of a dealership (you probably work for) just remember yes those of us who need a car will go wherever we are convinced someone can help. Yes, Kingdom Kia in Rolla Missouri are real good at lying about how they can help. They are the best liars I have ever met. Unless you have a perfect credit score DON'T BUY A CAR FROM KINGDOM KIA in Rolla Missouri.

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