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Early yesterday morning (26/04/2012) I received a forwarded mail from [protected] -who is an old acquaintance. The message asked me to check a website to register for an online biz which I did and subsequently paid One Hundred and Fifty -One dollars on my Credit Card.
After sometime, I realised I had been duped so I wrote to my friend to inquire about the promo. What intrigues me more is that I was told to contact [protected] for any technical issues. I did send 5 mails to this address and since then I have had no response from either [protected]@gmail .com nor [protected] nor
To add pains to injuries, these fraudsters named here in have hacked into my inbox
and forwarded messages purported to have emanated from me to all my contacts requesting them to go through the same process and purchase non-existent products with credit cards.

This has totally embarrassed me and tarnished my image and integrity .

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