Key Services Corp / CASH GRANT SCAM!!!

1 San Francisco, CA, United States

I rec'd a check on 4/30/12 and it is dated 4/23/12 from a grant broker by the name of LISA PROCTER. The check is in the amount of $975.73. I have not applied for any grants nor any pay day loans, so I pretty much knew this was a scam. Based on the time frame indicated on the letter of 8/11/11, I do recall applying for a car loan online. I read a report which says these types of websites are not that secure so information can be obtained. I have learned my lesson, and won't be applying online for any more car loans. I am taking this check to my bank and they will contact the local authorities in regards to this scam. I am also going to send a letter the DA in CT and CA in regards to this issue.

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