kessel motors wynberg / motor vehicle repairs

1 cape town, South Africa

on 01 april i took my TATA INDICA LSI 1.4 (2006) in for a general service and repairs to various parts - ie bearings, tyres, power steering, brakes, etc. I instructed Jethro (floor manager) to check the vehicle thoroughly and let me know what needs to be repaired as the vehicle had not been serviced for over 2 years. Jethro phoned me several times to report things that needed to be repaired or replaced and the costs thereof. I agreed to all the repairs.
On 9 april 2014 - i collected my car and paid the hefty sum of R21000.00 for a list of repairs and replacements that were done.

on 9 September my car broke down and i towed it in to a local garage near my workplace. The mechanic there told me that my bearings had gone and needed to be replaced, as well as several other things that were wrong. I explained that this was impossible as i had all these items replaced and repaired in April. Well... this was not so. I had aprofessional assessor ### the repairs and was told that 80% of the parts and repairs I had paid for in April were not done and in adddition two new tyres that were fitted were the wrong size.
I then took this up with Kessel Motors in Wynberg and was told that the current owner had bought the business recently and could not help me as these repairs were done before she took over the business. as it is i found out that the previous owner had left the country as he was declared insolvent!!!
I filed several letters with Kessel Motors - and have yet to receive a response.

The business is still trading as kessel motors!!!
In the meantime - i have lost R21000 and am having to pay again to have all the parts replaced.

These mechanics and garage owners are dishonest and they placed my life in danger as I was driving an unsafe car.

I am seeking a full refund from them - as i do not trust them to fix my car ever again... that is if i ever get my money back from them.

Sep 23, 2014

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