[Resolved] Kenwood Landing Fayetteville GAso now you just ignore me

A Month ago now you were given a deposit of 250 dollars on a home a new trailer you have sent me various letters since then but have yet to refund my deposit, witch itself is a pretty simple matter you have not called or contacted me in anyway in regards to the return of my deposit so is it worth me filing a legal action against you're Company Property or Park for the return of this money my answer is yes, , , , you seem to have no concern in the least that you have held my money for a month lied to me and my fiance and have been given every chance to just end this 250 may not be a lot to you but then again it may well be since you refuse to return itSee the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Union City, CA...Mr R Addie..

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Jul 29, 2018

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