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Kenny Reisner of MVP Realty in Tampa, FL is posting my home for sale all over craigslist and marketing it as if it was his own listing.My home is worth nearly $1MIL but he's discredited the hard work of my Realtor and he's promoting my home like a used Honda Accord on craigslist!!
If you read this Mr. Kenny Reisner please removed my home from craigslist and the other 300-400 homes you are purporting to be your listings.
I would have never chosen you to be my realtor, you do not have the business sense or acumen to communicate to buyers in my income bracket.Please find a real job and remove my home from craigslist.

Kenny Reisner

Aug 17, 2014
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  • Am
      Aug 19, 2014

    Kenny Reisner is the BEST Realtor I've ever used

    The comments made about Kenny are completely false. Kenny was my Realtor in May of this year, whom I found on Craigs List. All of his posting's were 100% LEGITIMATE. I was a bit wary at first because I never used Craigs List before, but once I met Kenny in person, he was one of the nicest and sweetest person I've ever met. I have bought and sold a total 7 home's in my lifetime, and of all the Realtor's I have used in the past, Kenny was by far the most professional and knowledgable Realtor. It took me a
    little while to find the perfect home, but he understood I needed time and was very patient with me. To this day, I thank Kenny for finding me the perfect home. Kenny negotiated the best price for me and made the transaction as easy as possible. I have referred all of my friend's and know that he will do a fantastic job with every one of them. I would highly recommend Kenny as your Realtor if you want the best service and someone that truly care's about his client's.

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  • Ke
      Aug 19, 2014


    take my career as a professional real estate agent very serious and
    work extremely hard for my clients. I have never met or talked to the
    person that wrote the report above in my entire life. He is not a
    client, either past or present. I
    would like to address the comments that were made about Craiglist
    advertising. Craigslist offers real estate agents to market properties
    for sale on their website. Properties are posted to Craigslist by
    implementing the IDX and Broker Reciprocity rules and regulations
    outlined by the National Association of REALTORS and local MLS Boards.
    Each listing agreement signed by the seller and the broker/real estate
    agent listing the property gives the homeowner the opportunity to opt
    out of IDX and Broker Reciprocity Program. The IDX and Broker
    Reciprocity rules and regulations grants real estate agents that
    participate in the program direct permission to market the home. This
    is how nearly every listing ends up on every agents website,,,, and so on. If the person that made
    the comments above truly did not want their property listed through the
    IDX and Broker Reciprocity program, they could have easily opted out of
    this program when they signed the listing agreement with their real
    estate agent. If they did this, it would have never been on,,, or Craigslist. What is IDX? IDX
    is a type of data feed provided by your MLS membership. In some cases
    your MLS may require that you pay for access to this data feed, in other
    cases they don't. This data feed typically (but not always) mirrors the
    data available on your MLS's website. If your MLS provides access to
    this data feed, you may use that access to promote ALL listings on your
    website, not just your featured listings. What is IDX / Broker Reciprocity? IDX
    is an acronym for Internet Data Exchange. IDX is the policy instituted
    by the National Association of Realtors (NAR) to govern how MLS member
    participants can display active MLS listing information on their
    websites. In simple terms, IDX is the means of extracting the data from a
    Multiple Listing Service and delivering it to a website for public
    consumption. IDX is sometimes called Broker Reciprocity or IDD. Who can participate in IDX / Broker Reciprocity? This
    depends on the rules established by your local board and/or Multiple
    Listing Service. Since your board/MLS is independently governed, these
    rules might be different than rules of another boards and MLS's.
    Normally all Broker members (Participants) may participate in IDX/Broker
    Reciprocity. Agents (Subscribers) may, or may not, participate in
    Broker Reciprocity program depending on the rules. Sometimes individual
    agents can display IDX data directly on their personal websites with
    permission of their Broker, sometimes they cannot. Our staff can help
    you determine if this is the case, we just need to know the name of your
    local board/MLS. Who is a "Participant"? A "Participant" is the Broker member, or Principal Broker member of a Multiple Listing Service. Who is a "Subscriber"? A "Subscriber" is the non-Principal Broker member of a Multiple Listing Service (I.E. an Agent). As
    you can see from the information above, I did not do anything wrong. I
    followed the outlined rules and regulations. I’m a hardworking and
    honest real estate agent that loves my career and clients. It is
    apparent that the person who wrote the comment above was attempting to
    hurt me and my real estate career. I’m not a ### or lazy. I work
    extremely hard for my clients. If you are thinking about buying or
    selling a home, give me a call. After having a conversation with me for
    1 minute, you will know that what was written above was wrong and a
    direct personal attack on me and my character. If the person that wrote
    the post above did not use a fake name, a defamation of character
    lawsuit would have been filed first thing Monday morning.
    Unfortunately, the online world that we live in today allows cyber
    bullying and slander, where anyone can hide behind a keyboard

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  • Ni
      Aug 20, 2014


    Rachel and I used Kenny's services for our relocation from
    Southwest Florida to the Tampa Bay Area. We first contacted Kenny about
    a property he had listed, and were impressed by his prompt and
    courteous response, even after normal business hours. While the
    property he had listed did not appeal to us, we found Kenny to be
    insightful, professional, and exceptionally helpful in helping us locate
    our new home. As a prospective buyer, we paid Kenny nothing out of
    pocket and still received personalized service in finding the right home
    in the right neighborhood at the right price. I would recommend his
    services to my own mother, and will certainly be using Kenny
    again the next time I am in need of real estate services!

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