Kendra Scottno exchange policy and unaccommodating sales clerk

B Oct 23, 2017

A friend bought me a pair of earrings for my birthday--my first pair ever. But I thought they weren't exactly my style so I wished to exchange them for something a little more "me" at the Cherry Creek Denver, CO store. The two young girls working there have something wrong with them--I think they were born without the ability to smile. Cherry Creek is a bit snooty anyway, but I was well dressed and had money to spend--that shouldn't matter, but it sure does in those neck of the woods. Instead of working with me on the exchange they instead said they couldn't help me and sent me on my way to promptly write this review. In a world where we have millions of avenues to spend our hard earned pay checks one would assume customer service would be key to any brick and mortar's success. Guess they didn't get the memo. Now I'm stuck with a pair of earrings that I won't wear because they are too large and not my style. And you can guarantee I will not shop at Kendra Scott Denver, CO or any store for that matter.

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