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I was a former reader on and they fired me for one minor mistake that I was unaware of It was not clear to me that I was not able to send an email out to a client that was in desperate need of help. Now I was not offering her personal readings I was trying to help her find information that she needed about her mother. She was very distressed and confused. Myself being very compassionate and caring I take my clients very serious and each customer personal. I feel that Keen treats their customers like numbers and just money and they don't care about people. They not only take money away from the customer but they also rape over the psychics as well that are hard at work trying to make a living. Some people are born with a gift and there are others on the site that are fake and fraud. The call themselves "psychic" when they are just guessing about people's future and they are telling people what they want to hear. Praying on the mentally ill and making people believe what they want to hear. Keen is a pile of ### and they are fake and a bunch of frauds ! A steaming pile of ###! So don't go there to get your psychic advice! also they let people who are looking for *** chats call and talk dirty to woman on there as well and violate woman's privacy as well I'm pretty sure this is against keen policy as well and Keen should be have a law suit against them. So be very aware of what you are looking for when you look into for when you go to for your psychic needs!

Mar 15, 2016

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