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This complaint is directed to Katy Votapka. In order to make clear which Katy Votapka we are refering to I included a few facts so as to not mix her up with someone else.

Katy L Votapka
6 Vanna Ct
Orlando, FL 32807

8405 75th Ct
Vero Beach, FL 32967

425 New York Ave
Jersey City, NJ 07307

3915 7th Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11232

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American Musical and Dramatic Academy
Indian River Community College

Thank you for taking the time to read through my ordeal. It is my hope that other innocent victims don't have trouble in the future
with Katy. A couple years ago my fiance and I invested in a purchase of a used bookstore in Santa Monica. It was the largest on the West Coast. In the deal we received around 1.5 million items. It was our intent to sell these books online and not have a brick an mortar location. In the original deal the previous owner was to also give us his ebay account (previously in the store's name) with a listing limit of 100, 000 items per month. Post sale, the owner reneged and did not give us the account when he handed over the store. I did not think this would matter since anyone can open an ebay account. However, I quickly discovered that eBay enforced a strict 100 items per month for listings and would increase the limits 10-100% every 30 days depending on the performance.

Obviously, this was not going to work for us since it would take many years to take a new ebay account to a million listings this way. Therefore, we decided to reach out to our close friends/family to see if we could make a deal to use their ebay accounts to give us more spots to list items and then give them a percentage of the sales once we built up the accounts or a buy out option for cash. We did this because we wanted to hookup our friends for helping us. That is what makes for a good healthy society.

Katy agreed to let us use her account. We took an account she really never even used with a 100 items per month listing limit and we built it all the way up to 2, 500 listings as of this post after almost a year of hard work. Now, she is trying to go back on her word
and hurt a lot of people.

Allow me to go into more detail here. We always take care of our friends. What makes this matter even more mind boggling is that my fiancé and I were to get married this weekend and Katy WAS supposed to come. It was so important to my fiancé that Katy be there that she bought Katy a nearly $500.00 plane ticket WEEKS AGO so that she wouldn't be left out. She told my fiancé that she was tight on cash and we did not hesitate to assist her. When we needed our help from Katy, she left us out to dry. She even went so far as to say this isn't her fault and we should have done a better job of preparing so we weren't low on cash (remember, we bought her a $500 ticket because it was Katy who was low on cash).

On March 31, 2014, Paypal sent us a notice that the account needed a tax ID number for end of the year 1040 purposes. This matter is not rocket science to figure out. Here are a few facts to consider and then we will easily show a solution.

1. Paypal does NOT allow one person to have more than one paypal account (in your own real name)
2. Paypal does NOT allow the transfer of paypal from one person's name to another
3. Paypal DOES allow you to have a personal account PLUS business account(S) via EIN or LLC, etc
4. Paypal MUST send a 1040 out if you have more than $20, 000 a year in sales

I know that most of you reading this have already figured out the easy solution. Let me break it down simply:

Katy needs to enter her own SSN immediately to allow business to continue. The very next thing she needs to do is convert her
Paypal to a business account ONCE she obtains an EIN via LLC or other processes. Once this happens, the account can instantly be changed into the business name (katy widgets, LLC). Once Paypal performs the quick ID verification check, we move her off the
membership in our LLC and take 100% ownership. At this point, we have safely transfered this account so as not to jeopardize the
massive amount of hard work put into this. This process should take no longer than a month total to complete. And, as long as it is
completed by December 31, 2014 there is absolutely no risk to Katy as far as tax concerns. Furthermore, for the short time between now and that date, we could write Katy receipts for the daily sales so as to have her double protected. Katy refuses to discuss these obvious fixes. we also made Katy aware of the following facts:

1. Without her account and the sales, we would miss our wedding this weekend (we gave this money to help our employees).
2. People would be unable to be paid this week because our money is stuck at Paypal.
3. We would have to immediately fire 2 people until this is resolved.

Katy has been made aware of what is at stake and couldn't be bothered to resolve this in the past 4 days. This betrayal has left
my fiance in tears. She can't believe this happened.

The biggest insult to injury is that Katy still intends to use the $500 ticket we bought her to go to Vegas on her own. This, while
people are literally scrambling now to put money on her table so she can go to Vegas and have a good time. Well, this thing has
disgusted me to the point where I feel I must do all in my power to get her to do the right thing here.

I would be VERY cautious in doing business with Katy or hiring her to do business for you. If she will leave her own close friend
out to dry on her WEDDING WEEKEND what do you think she will do to you if push comes to shove? At the end of the day, people will say anything to your face. However, it is not until the chips are down that you figure out who people really are. Please be
warned by this experience and save yourself the headache.

Apr 4, 2014
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  • Al
      4th of Apr, 2014

    Katy Votapka is synonymous with broken promises and lies. She is all about money and will say and do ANYTHING to get it. Katy Votapka won't hesitate to ruin the rest of your life. Pretty is as pretty does is something to always remember. Whether business or personal, beware. Everything is not as it seems. Protect yourself financially, physically, emotionally.. Always wrap up everything securely. She has her pictures posted on

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  • Ka
      17th of Mar, 2015

    Have had similar experiences with Katy Votapka. Googled her and half expected to see she had been arrested for something. She emptied my daughter's bank account of 12, 000 because she seems to prefer to get her money for free instead of working for it honestly. Justice is best served to the self by the self. Sounds like she's doing just that. So sorry to see that she has hurt others so deeply. Do not hire. Do not befriend. She will suck you dry. Hope she's able to turn it around, but apparently, 5 years later she's up to the same dishonest, manipulative, sneaky, disgusting stuff. Blech. Keep an eye open for the excuses and the sob stories - they come in waves - with tears. God sees it all, dude. I'd personally start making amends - seems like it's going to be a long haul to pay all that money back somehow...good luck with that.

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  • Ru
      30th of Nov, 2016

    I don't know anything about the people making any of the claims written above. I suspect the complaints are all written by one woman, using multiple aliases. Regardless, nobody seems willing to stand by their words by attaching their name to them. I will stand by my words. My name is Russell W. Sanders and I live in Melbourne, Florida. I have known Katy Votapka for years and have never once seen her display any sign of the conduct being claimed above.

    Katy is a woman of high integrity, who is extremely reliable, and always caring about others. I've personally entrusted her with my secrets, resources, and money and she's never abused my trust. Contrary to what's written above, she's also never given me any excuses, whined about her situation, or broken any promises. She's a hard worker with an incredible work ethic. The claim that she will try to "suck you dry" is laughable to me. She's the opposite: caring, respectful, and always willing to make personal sacrifices to benefit others. She's certainly never given anyone I know any reason to believe that anyone should be on guard against her.

    I know Katy Votapka. I respect her very much and hold her in high regard. I find her someone who enriches the lives she touches. She continually proves herself to be a highly responsible, intelligent, and creative talent. She's honest and thoughtful and doesn't deserve to be slandered like this. And if anyone bothers to look me up and contact me, I'll tell them that directly.
    I'd also recommend that you hire her because she consistently does an amazing job at everything she attempts but that's a different topic altogether.

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