Kalaco ScientificPonzi scheme

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Kalaco Scientific is a stock scam that people who invested in their"debenture" would be paid 15% annually on total money invested, receiving a check for 1.25% each month. So, for example, if you invested 50, 000, you would get a check for $750.00 each month, until they either call the note in, or do an ipo, or if you wish to convert it to stock..after 8 months, I was informed by email that they have run out of funds, but will be giving investors an iou, and will have Great News shortly! Which they have been saying for 8 years.. I feel this is a ponzi Scam and am Livid !! PLease tell me what I can do about this Company, and the Scam Artist named Bob Scaccionnocci who is seling this Phony Stock

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  • Bo
      Nov 08, 2010

    Kalaco is definately A Ponzi Scam Contact Department of Corporations and file complaint they received notice at end of Sept to stop selling common stock of Kalaco crooked Scientific..Investors who put in 6 to 9 million in Ray and Bobs llc need to do same ...Watch OUT!!! BOB, RAY, Celeste,

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  • Ji
      Aug 20, 2012

    Kalaco is definately A Ponzi Scam and bob s. is the ring leader

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