Kaiser Permanente / unprofessional staff

Does this hospital not have a policy re:english being spoken in the patient care areas ?? Went with my neighbor to his hemodialysis treatment (outpatient). For the entire 4-5 hours he was there 10% was only in english. He goes 3x/week. when i brought him in and picked him up i witnessed what he had been talking about. Hes older & concerned that maybe procedures are not being followed. Can these staff not know how to function not unless they communicate in their own native tongue. Are they interviewed in their native tongue or English ? He had to be admiitted to the hospital for 2days it was the same.Very un-nerving. He questions what kind of mistakes are being covered up. What happens when their is not 2 of the same language speaking staffers on & a patient needs help..Scary & Unprofessional.

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