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Nov, 2018: Other than the dented damage to the car, we made a formal complaint about the customer service we received by your staff. We've heard NO RESPONSE.

1. Initially when we contacted this "business" the technician came to our house and said the issue was the transmission. While the technician was on site, we spoke on the phone to Simon Singh who said the cost of towing and initial inspection would be $78.50. We followed up with specific questions to check if there would be any further costs for the towing and inspection. Simon told him there wouldn't be.

2. Following the inspection and quote for repairs we decided to wait until after Christmas to get the car repaired and asked for the car to be delivered back to our address. On Thursday 29th November morning we received a call from an accounts person at your company asking for our credit card details. We don't like to provide credit card details over the phone until we have seen an invoice in writing and prefer to make bank transfer payments ourselves. Iain was told the total cost would be $279.50. Obviously quite a difference between what he was quoted at $78.50. He asked for clarification and was put through to an owner who was aggressive, abrasive and argumentative right from the beginning of the conversation. He demanded we pay within an hour or he would report us to Baycorp saying "we have a great relationship with Baycorp and I have no problem ruining you" Iain hung up from the threatening conversation and decided to ring back to speak to someone more reasonable and professional. He rang back 5 minutes later and spoke a different man.

3. We asked again for the invoice for the towing and inspection. The staff member told us he had other things to do and would get to it when he could. Considering we had just been threatened with being "ruined through Baycorp" by one of the owners, we were not in the position of wanting to wait for an invoice so we could make payment.

5. We received the invoice about half an hour later and at the same was called by the accounts person (Natasha) asking for our credit card information. We said we weren't comfortable giving our credit card details over the phone and could see that there was a bank account for direct debit on the invoice and so said he would be paying my bank payment. He queried why Natasha told him earlier in the morning that the cost would be $279.50 but on the invoice it was $368.25 +GST = $423.48. Natasha read through the individual items on the invoice and offered no further explanation. Our cost for service had now increased from $78.50 to $279.50 to $423.48.

6. We asked Natasha if he shows her proof of payment straight away will the car be returned the same day. Natasha said yes. We were told that the car would be brought back as soon we had settled the invoice which was Thursday 29th November. The car was not delivered despite the fact that we had paid the invoice in full and provided proof of payment of the now further increased charge of $423.48.

7. On Friday 30th November, following failure to deliver our car the previous day, we called to check on when it would be delivered. We spoke to man who incorrectly told him that we had under paid by 48 cents which is why the car hadn't been delivered. We corrected him and said that the invoice was actually over paid by 2 cents, rounded up to $423.50. We asked when the car would be delivered and was told it would be sometime before 4pm. This phone conversation occurred at 10:00am.

8. After 4:30pm and again failure to deliver the car, we called again and were told that it was the next car to be delivered within an hour (by 5:30pm). The car was not delivered by 5:30pm.

9. At 6:08pm we rang to follow up where the car was and when we could expect it. At 6:29pm the car finally arrived, however we noticed damage to the front of it immediately while it was still on the truck. We asked the tow truck driver about it who also inspected it and told us to contact the office before driving off quickly.

10. We have trusted your initial quote for the service we believed we were paying $78.50 for. We have complied with your bullying tactics and threats of Baycorp to pay what we believed to be $279.50. We have even gone further to pay the increased amount of $423.50 despite not being provided with sufficient information as to why it had again increased. We have put in a formal complaint with the commerce commission and want this formal complaint lodged with your management.

11. Considering we have complied with your demands we would like an explanation as to how the damage occurred, how you intend to fix it and an explanation as to why we have had to pay more than four times the amount that we were initially quoted. Your staff have gone above and beyond to be unhelpful, rude, threatening, inaccurate, nonchalant, tardy and unprofessional.

We look forward to your reply and your details on how you intend to rectify the situation.

Feb 10, 2019

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