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Judy Mei Realty / Poor Rental Apt. Service

1 8145 Whitburn DriveSaint Louis, MO, United States Review updated:

We rented an apartment from Judy Mei realty. There were many instances where she and the building manager, Jack Shih, were inattentive and self-serving.

1. We were promised the water damaged walls would be repaired prior to move in. They were fixed eight months later by a worker who did not speak English. He sanded the walls down (in our computer room) and did not use a dustcloth and ruined our printer.
2. For five months, we were terrorized by an unruly upstairs neighbor till all hours of the night. Playing loud music, loud conversations, etc. We tried to resolve it with the neighbor to no avail. When we called Judy Mei, she told us to call the police. Later, she met personally with my husband to discuss the situation. She told him she did not like black people and did not want to have a confrontation with him even though the unruly tenant had not paid rent in months.
3. When the upstairs tenant left three months after the discussion, they decided to do construction on that unit and the one next to it and tried to refuse to fix our sink because "the units upstairs need to be fixed first". It was fixed when I quoted state law.
4. We asked over the course of three months for them to fix/identify the laundry electrical/water outlets downstairs. This was never done.
5. Basement with storage, back driveway and garage in ajoining building constantly flooded
6. Apt. was advertised as "with garage". It took three months for them to install a garage door. (They would not let us use the space in the meantime.)
7. During the MidWest Summer and 100+ degree week with high humidity, other tenants did not have a/c for 4 days.
8. During the MidWest Winter, other tenants did not have heat for 4 days, including a woman with a small child.
9. Hallways were not kept clean and there were often infestations of ants, roaches and millipedes in the units.
10. Another unit had a hole in the kitchen wall where a vent used to be. Squirrels would climb through and into the walls. The tenant was told she was "hearing things".
11. My husband had to assist the building manager in changing light bulbs, etc, and allow him use of his tools because he was not prepared.
12. Building manager would call us at times up to 10pm for something that was not urgent (to see if something a worker had fixed was working).
13. Lighting in back of building was always burnt out, so entry into garages was dangerous.
14. Units were poorly insulated, allowing for electric/gas bills for a 1000 sq. ft. apt. to be HIGHER than those of the 1600 sq. ft. house we now occupy.
15. Construction in upstairs units were done from 7am to 7pm over the course of six months by a couple who did not speak English. They also brought their two children ( ~5 & 8 years old) to the worksite all day. They would be in the units 5-7 days per week with no holidays off. Between children crying, parents yelling, and construction noise, it was nearly impossible for my husband to complete any schoolwork or for us to relax in our own unit on the weekends/holidays.
16. During the construction, junk pulled from the units were left in the downstairs hallway and in the garage for weeks at a time. I fell over items mulitple times.
17. We popped three tires in 12 months due to nails in the driveway.
18. They "sold" us the previous tenant's washer and dryer for $150. When we left, she wanted us to leave them because they were there when we arrived. We did not take them immediately because had decided to negotiate them for sale with future tenants. When she told us she did not have a taker, we told her we couldn't get them right away (since my husband is in college full time). When we attempted to retrieve them a few months later, they were gone. She and the building manager claim to have no knowledge of their whereabouts and were quite defensive when I talked to each of them. It seems strange that: 1) our w/d are the only ones missing; 2) they would be the only ones close enough to the situation to know that we hadn't been back for them yet; 3) if they had nothing to do with the w/d disappearance, they are unconcerned that there was a "robbery" in their building!

There are countless more situations and inequities, but I will stop here. You get the point. Please do not rent or purchase property from them. You will not be happy. You will be disrespected. You will be ashamed to live in those conditions and to have guests. Thank you.

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  • Cr
      11th of May, 2009
    +3 Votes

    I used to rent from Judy! I completely know what you went through. She never maintained the property, and calling her a slumlord is an understatement. I have all kinds of pictures, but here's one of the water-damaged window frame that took over a year to fix. Never again!! When she asks if you have good credit, just tell her no and run away!!!

  • Ju
      16th of Apr, 2012
    +1 Votes

    Wos, thought I was the only one that went through this. this lady will scream and yell at you. totally disrepect you. Not very professional at all. look elsewhere so you don't end up moving soon after you can't take her anymore.

  • Am
      23rd of Oct, 2014
    0 Votes

    she is so much worse then a slumlord...beware this company/people will screw you over...lawyers say she is the perfect slumlord ...

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