Judge Mary Parnow/Social Security AdministrationSSA funds black drug addicts

I am vexed at why Judge Mary Parnow told me in my disability hearing that I would be approved. She waits six months to tell me I had been denied. I feel this judge is corrupt. I also know that the social security administration is corrupt and funds black drug addicts who have prison and drug records. I have witnessed that these low lifes use their checks to buy crack.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in San Diego, CA I have worked hard all of my life and when I need help, the federal government does not help me when I have paid taxes. These low life blacks have not worked much besides dealing drugs and they have not paid into the federal system. What is wrong with America? Judge Parnow is a gorda cow who has let the fat affect the way she should perform her job. She should take an ethics course and start watching Ted.

Judge Mary Parnow/Social Security Administration

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