Johnservice and washroom facilities

J Nov 23, 2017

I'm ordering from the breakfast menu.
#8, coffee, wrap, AND hassbrown up size coffee to large, and breakfast crousant.
When I get my order no hassbrown, I asked for the hassbrown she said no you didn't order it I said I ordered the # 8 from the menu it shows a hassbrown, no you have to ask for it I said I ordered the # 8, she just said no and walked away. NOT GOOD ENOUGH. also the location had no washroom for men working and a big sign on the ladies saying Women only. I don't think that this location should be open with no washrooms it's a necessity now a days, and will be limiting visits to others only by absolute necessity sorry you guys are nothe doing a good job, this is my first complaint but not my first issue. available, will not be seeing this location again. McDonald's here I come!!!

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