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Jo Watters is a dog breeder that breeds too many dogs and too many breeds at one time. She is a nice lady and very delightful to talk to but when asked about health testing or any background on the puppies and their heritage she is very vague. She does NOT do health testing. Sites that she posts her puppies on have multiple breeds from her at one time. Never does she not have a posting up. She has Poodles, Bull dogs, labradoodles, goldendoodles, and I think I've seen papillons and other small breeds from her posts as well.
I purchased my sweet dog from her. He was already born so I wanted to take him rather than get on a waiting list from another breeder. He came to me at what she said was 10 wks but he was malnourished, under weight, food aggressive, and had giardia, worms, and another parasite. We also found two ticks on him the day we brought him home. Her sites indicate that she houses her dogs inside her home and not in kennels. I find this hard to believe since she has so many puppies at one given moment. I also find this hard to believe because my dog has a lot of aggression (with food, other dogs, and loud noises). He is scared and so reactive. There is only one reason that dogs show this type of is because they are brought up in an unhealthy environment. My dog has many issues with his behavior. He also has many issues with his health. His back legs are always shaking, he has really bad eyes, is prone of ear infections, and not very healthy.
I wish people would stop buying puppies from her. She is what they call an irresponsible "breeder". She does not do anything that regular legitimate breeders do. She needs to stop breeding because she is very irresponsible. Please prevent yourself from heartache and stress and do not purchase from her.

Feb 26, 2013
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  •   Feb 26, 2013

    "There is only one reason that dogs show this type of is because they are brought up in an unhealthy environment."

    Please refrain from shoving misinformation in people's faces.

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  • Js
      Feb 28, 2013

    Brenda, I apologize if that statement sounds like misinformation that I am "shoving in peoples faces" to you but that is my opinion. Many dog trainers would agree.

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  •   Feb 28, 2013

    And it is my 'opinion' that buyers should vet breeders before buying.

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  • Js
      Feb 28, 2013

    I am not here to fight with anyone. I just wanted to post a review on this breeder which i think is not providing the best type of dogs. I have presented the facts, gave my opinion, and just shared my story.

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  •   Nov 10, 2013

    I also purchased a puppy from Jo Watter's. My experience with Jo was excellent. After a long conversation with Jo on the phone I felt very good about their breeding practices and their love for animals. I followed up that call by contacting 5 people who had bought puppies from her in the past few years. All were extreamely pleased. I didn't use Jo's references, I found these owners through both blogs or Every single one of them was very pleased with their puppy...many stating that they had the best dog in the world. When our litter was born I flew to Las Vegas from Rochester NY to choose our puppy. Jo's husband Rick picked me up at my hotel and brought me to their home. The home is set up in an amazing way for dog breeding. It was formerly a retirement home, so it is set up where 1/2 of the house is a very nice 2 bedroom ranch style home. The other half of the house was set up with many bedrooms that were used for each individual litter. I loved the fact that the puppies had space and toys for their own litter. The outdoor space was nice and clean. I spent 3 1/2 hours at the house that day and i will tell you from my experience all of the puppies appeared happy and healthy. I flew back out to pick up my puppy and Jo and Rick delivered him right to me at my hotel, then kindly offered to drive us to the airport. They could not have been more wonderful! As stated, my experience was excellent! I am frustrated with the comments and misinformation above. JCS110 claims they are "presenting the facts" but what they are really stating is their opinion. 1st, a breeder can still be an excellent breeder if they choose to breed more then 1 breed of dog. 2nd, This is their full time job and they are physically at home with their puppies 99% of the time therefore (in my opinion) 1 litter every 4-6 weeks does not constitute too many puppies, and makes them VERY RESPONSIBLE breeders. 3rd, notice that all 3 of their breeds are full or 1/2 Standard Poodle. For many years they only bred Standard Poodles, but because of the Watters excellent reputation within Las Vegas and beyond, and the wonderful temperment of their Standard Poodles, there was a lot of demand for them to breed Labordoodles and Goldendoodles (They DO NOT breed English bulldogs, they were helping someone by selling this 1 dog not a litter). I did many months of research choosing the best breed for our family, and then the best breeder

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  •   Nov 10, 2013

    Continued... I asked and received all of the background information on the Mother and Father of our puppy and spent a lot of time puppy temperament testing with the whole litter (they all met my criteria but 1 because she was a bit shy). I also got to see the sweet deposition of their Mother Ginger. Our litter had all of their shots and I received all of the proper documentation to share with our Vet. It sounds to me that jcs110 did not properly research breeders or litters as they stated that they didn't want to wait for another litter, and the Watters had a pup available. They claimed that they may have even seen listings for papillons and other small the past 2 years of me knowing of them they have NEVER had these...again SO irresponsible and unfair jcs110. I have a hard time believing that jcs110 would purchase a malnourished dog, why would you spend several hundreds of dollars on a sick looking dog? I hope that anyone looking for a Poodle or a Doodle will do their "due diligence" and consider the Watters puppies, as many of us Watter's puppy owners consider our dogs to be the best dogs in the world...REALLY :-)

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  • Js
      Jan 28, 2014

    Hi Momof3littleboys,
    I'm really glad you had a great experience with Jo Watters. Maybe she has changed her ways and works differently now. I hope so. Yes, I am stating an opinion…this is a website for consumer complaints. I didn't purchase a malnourished puppy that was near death, I purchased a fluffy puppy that I brought home and realized he was too skinny due to his hip bones and rib cage protruding out. Jo Watters was a lovely lady and I an really happy that you have a healthy puppy and had a wonderful experience. Did you get health testing documentations? Because you do not mention that in your long testimonial of the perfect experience that spends a lot of time describing the layout of their house. I also do know that that she was once a reputable breeder for poodles which is why I decided to get a puppy from her. I too have researched and checked out all those references on puppy find and other websites only to find that all those emails from testimonials are fake. I am in contact with a rescue in Las Vegas that have re-homed multiple dogs that came from Jo Watters and some of them have health issues. I can't prove that she had multiple breeds posted since I didn't screen shot pictures for proof nor did I record all my conversations with the rescue but neither can you. You can't prove that all those "references" you found online are real nor can you prove that you are a real person. If you are…I am so glad you have a great dog.

    " It sounds to me that jcs110 did not properly research breeders or litters as they stated that they didn't want to wait for another litter, and the Watters had a pup available"
    this comment really doesn't make sense either. Yes, She had a pup that needed to go to a good home so I didn't wait for another litter and took the one that needed a home. If she's a great breeder then it shouldn't have mattered either way. Yes, I researched many breeders for many years as I have an older Labradoodle from a great breeder but thought that Jo's prices were too good to pass up compared to all the other breeders i had spoke to. Well...SHAME ON ME!

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  • Ko
      Mar 24, 2014

    I have two golden doodles from Jo Jo. if I wanted another I'd go back to her. We love our boys and they are great. They have had and continue to have no health issues. Doodle On!
    Steve Lang2, [protected]

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  • Lm
      Jun 22, 2014

    I got a puppy from Jo June of 2013. He suffers from overly cute syndrome. Jo was fantastic, and went out of her way for me through my puppy picking process. I did not arrange to get a puppy prior to birth. I saw one of her adds in the Las Vegas paper, and asked if I could meet all the puppies available, and then make my decision after that. There were a total of 6 or 7 puppies when I visited her home, and they were all friendly, none showed signs of illness and all were of appropriate weight. I went to her house on 3 separate occasions. The first time to see all the puppies, the second time for my boy friend to come and view the puppies, and then a third time with my sister to pick my puppy up. He has not had any health issues, he was not under weight, through he is a picky eater. He was easy to train, my trainer thought he was an amazing student, and he shows no signs of aggression. If anything, he is a little too friendly. Over the past year I have bumped into numerous people who have doodles from Jo, and I have not heard any complaints. It is unfortunate that you had such a negative experience. Also food aggression is not specific to a puppy housed in a puppy mill situation. This is an issue that any dog in any situation can struggle with. When speaking with any good dog trainer they will tell you what to do when the puppy is very young to discourage that behavior. I can only speak for myself, and my experiences with Jo, but I have not heard, or seen any of these issues. Many of Jo's doodles in the Vegas area belong to a group called Doodle kisses, and that community has tons of positive things to say about her. Prior to getting my puppy, I did a decent amount of research on her, and to be honest, this is the first negative comment I have heard about Jo.

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  • Ja
      Sep 20, 2014

    Hello guys,
    I bought a Standard Poodle from Jo Waters about 3yrs ago. I must say that Jo is a very nice lady but when it came to getting the papers on my dog it was impossible. When I got the puppy she was wearing a flea collar which I thought was weird because theirs no fleas or ticks in alas Vegas. I questioned her because when I took my puppy to the groomers she was found to have a lot of ticks! Then she changed the story and said this puppy was not one she breed. She said she was helping a friend sell the puppies. Anyways the point of my cement is that I am very un happy that I never got papers for my dog.

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  • Mc
      Jun 20, 2016

    Well l am mad at myself for not finding this post before but here is my experience l got my puppy last month from Jo she was covered with ticks, and also has giardia, yes the puppies are adorable and l fall in love with mine but honestly for the price she charges she should do some kind of health testing, l also notice she has so many puppies from different litters from the time l met her 'till the time l got my puppy she had 3 different litter and l just notice she has had one more in May too, she does the vaccines and the deworming meaning that the puppies are never seen by a vet, she doesn't have a rehome policy either, so to sum up l will never recommend her and if you read this before you get the puppy from her run as fast as you can. Find a reputable breeder at the end is safer l am just praying my beautiful puppy doesn't have anymore health issues.
    I honestly very dissatisfied and disappointed, before l got my puppy l fostered for a rescue and never had this problems and the irony this puppy was not cheap but it made me remember the old days when l used to rescue cats from the street the funny difference l pay a lot from her and it is exactly the same as if l picked her from the streets l think the idea of getting a puppy from a breeder is to get them healthy, like l did with my other Goldeldoodle l never had any problems with her the only bad thing she doesn't breed red Goldendoodles.

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  • Eb
      May 02, 2017

    I bought a Labradoodle puppy from Jo in 2015. I don't want to talk negatively about Ms. Watters and I'm only trying to give an account of my own experience. First I should preface that my boyfriend and I did NOT do enough research when buying a puppy, especially for a popular breed such as a Labradoodle. Ms. Watters' prices were a little shocking to us, and we ended up paying less for our puppy because he was black and she said they usually don't sell as well. (First lesson: don't try to haggle prices for a dog. If it's a good dog you should be willing to pay full price)

    We hardly asked any questions about the parents, though we did see the mother and a picture of the father. Jo mentioned as we were taking our puppy home that if there's any health issues to let her know and I vaguely remember some sort of refund agreement but nothing was in writing so it doesn't really matter. Now, after researching ALAA (Australian Labradoodle Association of America) member breeders I realize just how many breeders are willing to do things like genetic testing, provide pedigrees, and have 2-3 year health guarantees with specific terms. I sure wish we would have done our research and gotten a breeder who did these things.

    The first problem we found with our puppy was that his eyes were constantly oozing and multiple vets told us that he had inward facing eyelids and we should get them fixed surgically because he could eventually go blind. He also had a retained testicle when it came time to neuter him, which ended up costing more money and I believe this can be a genetic issue. Another thing I should mention is that when I asked Jo if they required us to neuter the puppy, she didn't seem to care either way and even mentioned that we could breed him if we wanted to. Almost every breeder everywhere will NOT allow a buyer to do this because it means uneducated people are breeding the dogs they try so hard to breed well.

    At about one year old, our puppy began throwing up nonstop and we took him to the vet where they did a series of tests focusing on the liver, but eventually diagnosed him with Addison's disease. It was at this time I emailed Jo to let her know as this can also be genetic. Months later our puppy began suffering from restless nights and disorientation. We took him to the vet again and it was concluded that he did not have Addison's disease and that all of his tests seemed normal including liver function. After about two weeks of worsening symptoms we lost our puppy to liver failure. The vet was always telling us that our dog was "a mystery" and had a very hard time diagnosing him until the very end. I can't blame anyone really for this and I don't know for sure if it had anything to do with genetics. I did let Jo know and she was kind about it, offering to give us a discount on the next puppy if we were interested. I just know that if I had gone through a more reputable breeder they could have offered to refund the puppy, provide a new puppy, or help pay for medical costs (all things I've seen breeders offer).

    Aside from the retained testicle and eye issue, I can't say for sure if my puppy's problems were genetic. He was always a lot less energetic than other dogs his age but he was a very loving and amazing dog. He was plagued with health issues throughout his short life and it ended up costing us thousands of dollars more in emergency vet bills than the original "discounted price" we bargained for to buy him. I guess my point is, do your research. Realize that other breeders offer a lot more support and guarantees and do rigorous interviews to make sure their puppies go home with the right people. Be willing to pay extra money for a breeder that does these things. Otherwise you don't know what you will get. With popular and cute breeds like the Labradoodle, anyone will be willing to breed dogs to make money. Jo was super nice and helpful initially but it was my own negligence that put me in a heartbreaking situation where I lost a young dog that I loved very much.

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